Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 116: Review: “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.”  “I share God’s Will for happiness for me.”

We are learning how to fully integrate these concepts.  We want to believe that God’s Will for us is nothing but perfect happiness.  This means there are no conditions on this happiness whatsoever.  Usually happiness comes with some component of impossibility and discord- and we deeply cherish the ideas that perfect happiness is not our birthright.  The ego thinks otherwise and it is very difficult to argue with.  The perfect happiness seems like a very tough order to get us to follow that through and buy into it.  Perfect happiness is not seemingly an option because we don’t think anyone is worthy of such a gift or that it can be possible in the human realm.

The Course says, don’t limit God. 

We are so used to putting God in the smallest box.  We just give Him the least amount of latitude because we can’t imagine anything different with our own limited human perspective projected outwardly.

This is why we want to just hold space for the possibility that God is so much greater than we can imagine. 

What we need to do is get out of God’s way and put no barrier on how big God is truly.  The Course reminds us that perfect happiness is something we absolutely can have because we are meant to have it.  Nothing is beyond God’s capacity.  We can rest assured that God is the one who is always with the perfect everything for us because God believes deeply that we are all worthy.  This means that we are always worthy because God gives us the identity in which we are made perfectly innocent as we are all the time.  That is why we are worthy of the best of the best of feelings.

The Course wants us to be empowered as individuals.  Lots of people in this society believe that we are victims and there is nothing we can do to change or influence our reality in any way at all.  This is easy to believe and allows people to be disengaged from their lives as they sit and watch it go by in the victim scenarios continually.

The ego likes to play victim because the ego thrives on attacking the self. 

When we sit and accept our victimhood then we spend all of our time processing our anger over being in this role, and we never make strides to get  out of it.  The ego likes to pity itself.

If we feel like a victim inside then the ego lashes out at everyone because the ego doesn’t like to be alone. 

The ego when it identifies as the victim feels rage and wants to turn this pain and suffering onto someone else.  The ego thinks this is the way to make itself feel better if the ego knows someone else is suffering just as much as we are.

This is a shame because it gets us away from the possibility that we can feel strong and powerful.  When the ego feels victimized then there is no way to connect with that sense of empowerment because the ego is too busy trying to get others to feel as victimized as we do.  This means we won’t remember to be strong in our abilities and willingness to simply be empowered in this situation.

The Course says that our empowerment comes when we simply get involved with our thinking. 

We can release all that attachment to victimization and then instead realize that all we have to do to be empowered is to stay willing to choose our perfect happiness.

As long as we contribute our will to resolving the dilemma as it appears, then we are playing the role of miracle worker because we are bringing love and forgiveness to ourselves and others.  This then allows us to just stay clear inside that we are willing to make a clear choice to receive God’s Love.  This then means that we are playing the role of being participant in the arenas God chooses to bring Love and happiness.

This is why we get stronger inside from simply being committed to bringing Love. 

When we make choices that emphasize our empowered thinking, (that is Godly thinking) then we play the role of participant in God’s plan and co-creator of our lives with God.  This is why we then are empowered because we are actively choosing the gifts of God.


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