ACIM Lesson 95

Lesson 95: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.”

This lesson reminds us, “”This tolerance for weakness will enable us to overlook it, rather than give it power to delay our learning.” 

The whole purpose of the Course is to get to the place of truly experiencing it- so that our joy is real, because we are comfortable with and familiar with the tools within in it, that we learn day by day, and we use them actively. 

The Course even says, at the end of the text, to throw the book away, because it is no longer necessary to read it, once we have truly embodied the principles. 

Then, we automatically draw on the principles to guide us in the world.  

We are learning to incorporate our lovability, identify with it, and act from a place of self-empowerment. 

This is the bottom line of the Course. 

We can throw away any practice of reading it, whenever we have read enough to understand that our need for words is little in the end. 

We want to get to this place of Knowledge- at the right hand of God- and feel God’s holy Presence, and feel the Love within and around us, and laugh readily. 

We can do this- at any time- we just need to be prepared for this process.

The Course wants us to practice until this memory of our inherent innocence becomes permanent. 

Then, we have no more need for instruction, because we have all we need to navigate the world, as God has demonstrated throughout the Course.  

There is a huge emphasis in the Course to practice what we preach, and what we learn, so that it becomes instantaneous in our awareness. 

But it can be a long process of learning, because our egos are full of surprises, and they will always give us reasons to reject God’s teaching of the Course. 

The ego rebels in very specific, but effective ways, so just be prepared for this, and be willing to stand up again and start over, as many times as are necessary- to get the job of mind-cleaning done.   

We just need to forgive this ego tactic of throwing us off track. 

We need to forgive and start again, because if we don’t, then the ego will have further fuel to goad us on- to reject God’s teaching and Supreme Love. 

Our guilt will be too hard to overlook if we forget to forgive.  

The ego’s main tactic- to divert our attention- is to throw ideas and situations at us that seem unpleasant or hard to cope with. 

It does this constantly, so just realize this happens to everyone. 

And our task is to take this lightly, and kindly, and not attack ourselves, with that terrible clutch of guilt, for what the ego espouses.   

We are going to mess up all the time, while we are learning to practice the Course’s regularity of  remembering God, so just let this be. 

Our task is to stay in a place of accepting ourselves about it, with a mind of loving forgiveness, and a gentle awareness. 

Then, we see it and embrace it, so that we are no longer opposing it, and then we can promptly get up again, and start the process over.  

This gentleness about our mistakes is the only way to  get the high road eventually, and now, so let’s remember this, in the process at hand.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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