Laurie’s Positive Points: Secret to being thin

Laurie’s Positive Points: Tips for staying thin

Laurie’s secret for staying thin: what works for me consistently to stay thin is that now I have changed my diet, and changed my behavioral habits about when to eat.  

Those are vital portions of the equation. 

But what works for me consistently now, and the most major underlying force in the process of choosing to eat well, is that I eat a little treat every day, and I consciously think about the fact that if I overeat today, or I eat too many sweets at this meal, then I know I will have to forego my treat tomorrow, if I want to stay at my current weight. 

We just need to be in love with being thin more than overeating, so we can practice with this until we are good at it.

I am always grateful for all the foods I eat all day long. I look forward to all of it, and I savor everything! 

That ‘thank you’ is powerful, and helps me to enjoy myself thoroughly, but also it is another essential part of the happy relationship I have with food now. 

I really adore my food rituals during the day, and I would not want to have to engage less in it tomorrow if I need to cut back. 

This is- miraculously- all I need to fuel me to stay within the appropriate boundaries of what and how much to eat treats.

And there are days when I eat just a tad more, but I prefer to be the same clothes size, so I also, then afterward, I scale back for a while. 

When I return to normal weight, I then eat more again. 

It is really simple, and totally works for me!

It makes all the difference that God loves us with a passion, and so we can identify as being lovable. 

This sense of high self esteem is all we need to keep to our own fires of worth elevated. 

When God thinks so much of us, our task is to let God be our best friend, and allow God to emulate His extraordinary Love, and kindness, and sacred Will of great fortune.  

And then get right in there, and copy God.

God is right there to miraculously remind us that we are worth the effort of working hard to establish a happy and fortunate existence in the world, because He takes utter pleasure in doing so. 

God establishes our amazing line of great will coming to us, because God declares we are worthy of the best.  

We just need to accept this for what it is and give God permission to rule our consciousness. 

Just remember God adores us so we can adore ourselves. 

Then everything in our behavior then becomes easy and fun because we feel worthy of making whatever effort is needed.

Connecting with our self worth can’t be underestimated in how important it is to provide our needed motivation to take the effort to eat well.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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