Laurie’s Positive Points: Accentuate the positives in healing from food imbalance

Laurie’s Positive Points

Accentuating the positives when working on eating addictions and imbalance with food.

I had a full-on eating disorder for 5 years, from ages 15 to 20.  I was a non-purging bulimic, with some of the worst obsessive thinking and obsessive behavior that one can have. 

Then, when I went to live in Japan as an exchange student for a year during college, I was able to completely change my habits with food.

I have considered myself since then to be healed of my obsessive eating with food.  I was drastic in my level of insanity with food then.

I started out with a severe and acute imbalance with food very early in my life, so by now I am well-practiced at healing in this area. 

I always fine tune as I go. 

When I was living in Tokyo for a year, I had the experience of eating remarkably well, because I was living with a Japanese host family, and they ate traditional Japanese fare. 

I ate with them all the time, and so I had no ability to binge in private, essentially because I was living in such a small house.

I decided with myself- early on- that I would try to just live with and eat with them- the whole year- and just see how I felt. 

So, I surrendered within.

I did not have access to additional food, nor even space to put it in, because was their house was so small. 

As a result, I learned to eat three meals a day, without fail, and not overeat, because I was eating the portions they portioned out for me. 

I found out at last that eating three meals a day totally worked to make me feel dramatically better emotionally, and I also lost 30 pounds. 

This totally changed my life, and I totally reestablished my relationship with food.

It was a miracle, because I- at last- surrendered my insane desire to binge.  

One thing I found for myself, over the years of fine tuning my healed relationship with food, is that there are parts of my life that make my healthy eating habits easier to sustain. 

One of those supports is to make the positives bigger. 

When I was actively misusing food, I was totally preoccupied with, and totally immersed in thinking about food, and also other ego-centered-stuff- like my appearance, and how my body felt. 

I was quite preoccupied with managing the chaos in my mind, and managing the insane behavior I was repeating with food, and this was exhausting, and also just crazy!

It was a huge amount of energy output.  And I did not know where to turn for support, because at that time, in my teens, I didn’t know any habits that truly supported my life. 

I was too immersed in being an agent of destruction in my life instead of waking up from the nightmare.  Zero support tools then.

I discovered, by trial and error, additional things that I can do to support my happy way with food: to fill up my life with more positives in general. 

Sometimes people find that every other part of their lives may seem sweet, and in line with God, but food is still not at all aligned yet.  This can be a serious bummer! 

We need to forgive this part of us that feels like we are failing, and then, turn to look at all the things we are doing in our lives that make us feel ecstatic, and that we are really living well.  

Keep engaging in the good stuff habitually, and this stuff will repeat itself, and become bigger, because we put our energy into it.

We just need to feel how full we are with this stuff, and then, our cup of wonder and Love and excitement is full, so we can sit- with a deeper knowing- that we are good on many levels.

Eventually, it will continue to increase, because whatever we put our focus on becomes bigger, so just get excited about EVERY last thing that is good. 

And even if this has nothing to do with food specifically yet, trust that it will expand eventually, when we allow it to.

If we feel presently still out of balance with food, try to enhance something else that will then support our lives, that may seem- in the moment easier to change than the food problem at hand. 

Try deep breathing, or doing yoga every day, or taking long walks outside. 

You can take up meditation, or do something that plugs us into the Higher parts of us, like singing and dancing, or reading the funnies every day.   

This stuff grows when we do them, so just fill your life with joy in other areas. 

When these new healthy habits become increasingly bigger, because we practice them regularly, then food will become easier to resolve, because we are- then- in a higher vibration. 

These are like easy, stepping stones to get us even closer to getting totally good with food.  Well worth the effort!

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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