Laurie’s Positive Points: Be bold, practice courageous communication

Laurie’s  Positive Points:  Rock our existence with a crazy love for authentic discussion. Practice Courageous communication.

We all have relationships of some sort because we are human, and we are social by nature. 

We- at least- have friends, or family members, or some people about whom we care deeply, so we can just get into the groove- more readily- of being honest and clear about how we feel, and how things they do affect us. 

To me, this courageous communication is so cool because it is that opportunity to get really close energetically and emotionally to others.  

Courageous communication is that time when we are honest about how we feel.

We share, even though- in telling others, we may have no idea how they may feel about what we share, so it is a risk. 

But, we are willing to just be real with them, so honesty is a beautiful thing. 

When we are honest with others, we get into a space where we are no longer energetically and emotionally blocked between us.

Then the relationship will feel so much better because it is open. 

This then gives us a direct connection to God, because we allow that feeling of openness between us, so our relationships get healed.

We want to be honest and clear- if they say something or do something that we feel we don’t like. 

The coolest thing is to tell them about this- clearly- with also an evident feeling of forgiveness and love while we do it.

Being authentic is being emotionally creative, and that creative quality is born of God, as God is the ultimate Creator. 

Thus, I think the whole idea of courageous communication is so cool, and totally heightens our relationships, and brings them to God.

We can do things for our loved ones so that they feel appreciated, or they know we love them.

We want to be respectful, from head to toe, of our loved ones. 

Just hold in our minds- all the time- how perfect they are, and that all of their seeming challenges are just ways that get them to God. 

That means they are as perfect as they come. 

We need to just realize all the time how deeply appreciative we are of them, that we deeply care for them, for whatever reasons we brought them into our lives. 

Just carry this sense of wonder about how they are and who they are.  This is what attracts us to them, and allows us to stay in a deep sense of amazement about them.

Be respectful, be honest.  Interact with a clear sense of our certainty being evident within us consistently.

Try to make sure there is a balance of that other person adapting around your needs, as well as your doing the same for them, in your relationship. 

Sometimes, initially, it may feel unclear about what their needs are. 

This is the perfect time to ask them. 

Start asking simply if that person can explain again, if what we perceived initially was too hard to understand the first time.

State your needs clearly and kindly, and invite your partner to do the same. 

I believe that people so often get shut down from communicating the basics- often- with our most significant loved ones, because the world seems to beckon constantly. 

We get lost in our worldly desires and forget to love our loved ones.

People often forget to be kind and appreciative. 

Appreciation is absolutely the filler that will saturate our inner pools of communication. 

We need to start to let appreciation be at every juncture of our interactions with our loved ones. 

In some ways, it can seem so basic that maybe people forget about it. 

But remember to take time specifically every day, and all day long, to tell people how great they are.  

When there is this constant layer of gratitude within the center of a couple’s relationship, I think everything becomes drastically easier. 

We feel full already, or fuller sooner, when we make the habit of really incorporating appreciation into our every relationship. 

When we have a regular flow of appreciation, in a particular relationship, then when it comes time to express feelings or needs, that might be hard for the other person to hear, then the likelihood that they will be upset about what they heard is drastically reduced.

They feel already filled with appreciation, and since they are full already, when they hear something that may feel like a request for a change in their ways, they will hear it with much less reaction. 

This is an amazing thing to be able to do both lots of appreciation, as well as authentic discussion: they help to balance each other.

  They are both worth doing simultaneously.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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