Laurie’s Positive Points: Being more positive in our speech

Laurie’s Positive Points: Being more positive in our speech.

We want to be positive in our minds and think and say positive words in our speech. We want to be positive in our address because we will feel better when we do.

Our egos fill our minds with harmful and destructive things, so catch these parts of our lives that escape verbally without our knowing. Catch them and prevent them from going out into our speech.

Remember the energy in our minds as thoughts and behavior get manifested into the picture we see in the world. Thinking becomes form, so we need to do whatever it takes to avoid the negativity manifestation.

We need to catch our dark negative energy and don’t go on and say it or in some way act it out in our lives.

We want to make sure we are experiencing positivity within our minds and make a clear decision to catch this and prevent it from manifesting when we start to go downhill and become harmful. Remember that negativity weighs us down because we feel negative and experience the negatives.

Positivity is crucial because we can manifest amazing things in the world when we start with the energy and purpose of being positive. The world manifests into a form of power, so we need to be extra careful not to get ourselves into a place where we display darkness and negativity. So it is worth doing not to go into negativity.

Positivity allows us to feel so much better. Burden ourselves not with dark energy and purpose. We get burdened by the darkness.

Negativity is one way of approaching life. Positivity is another.

We can go online and look up a different list of positive words and see which one with which we resonate best, so we need to choose which one we need to choose.

 Once we have selected the list of positive words, print it out to have access to the list and look at it from time to time. Read the terms so we have more practice thinking about the positive comments, and we can use the positive words in our speech regularly, so this is worth doing.

Practice embracing the words and using them generally or at least more often in our speech. When we use more positive comments, we will feel better because light fills the positivity, so we become more filled with light, so this is the ideal situation.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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