Laurie’s Positive Points: Go with the flow.

Go with the flow with a light heart.  

We have resistance to everything, because feeling it is the only way the ego knows it is alive. 

Truly, resistance makes the ego feel like it is alive. 

It is always about every little detail of the story. 

The resistance is that insistence that things are not alright and perfect as they are.

The ego is always judging everything, with a unstoppable obsession. 

Our egos judge first-immediately- about every last thing,  literally.  The ego declares the moment it sees something that it is wrong instantly.  It is the ego’s instantaneous response.

We are asked to realize that there is nothing wrong, this goes against all the ego sees, thinks and feels. 

So then our egos battle us if we don’t  agree with them, and this ends up simply as a terrible war within.

Resistance makes us stay in the mode of attack, because we never let our attack thoughts run through their cycle, and therefore, end. 

The only real problem that the ego has is resistance. 

The ego judges thoroughly, and this us unfortunate, but the worst part of this is the amount of resistance that the ego employs, in the process.  

The ego may do its thing, like judging, and this sucks, because it is unpleasant, and causes us suffering, but the worst part of the ego’s insanity, is that we resist it. 

We not only have to endure the egos’ presence, and attitude, and thoughts in our mind.  That alone, is tough to the core. 

But then on top of that misery, and the enormous block to Love’s flow of holding grievances, when we do, is that we do the only thing that can actually make things worse. 

Because, the ego wants to suffer not just a little, but to the max. 

So we go on by resisting the grievances, we feel them, and then we stay feeling them, because we have such plentiful amounts of resistance.  

We then never get to a place of releasing the ego’s insanity, where we sit in the certainty that we are free from the grievances, where Love and forgiveness in the form of a miracle dissolves them. 

Instead, we just increase the intensity of the suffering over grievances because we resist them.

Thus, we are asked to immediately see our grievances for what they are, and then forgive ourselves immediately, that we had them in the first place. 

Forgiving ourselves for our own insanity is the ONLY way to truly release the grievances. 

We need to forgive ourselves, forgive the situation, and forgive everyone around.  Just allow this forgiveness to erase that old attack energy of grievances, from brimming inside of us.

Then, we will finally be open and free from the grievances, instead of feeling so much shame for ourselves for having them in the first place.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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