Laurie’s Positive Points: Our addictions are a call for Love

Laurie’s Positive Points: “We just need to remember that our addictions are a call for Love.”

Addictions happen when we allow that inner demand energy to swell and predominate over our minds and behavior. 

Addictions are those parts of us dealing with the dregs of that inner fortitude because in the moment, our Will is at a lapse.

Then we are not able to stand up and do anything different because we are fond of that familiar hit of pain. 

The addiction is so bizarre!!  How baffling is it that we jump up for enthusiasm about it because we want to engage in it!!

We desire with bloodthirstiness that experience of getting high on whatever we want to fill ourselves with. 

That can be anything- from cocaine or cigarettes, or just one more shot of alcohol to satisfy that crazy need.  Our addiction may be that we just focus all the time on negativity, and speak in a language of constant judgement, because this may be just the thing that we want to lose ourselves in completely. 

We are strange, indeed.

We all have our things, and it could be chocolate or control or whatever feeling or energetic state gives us some rise or some feeling of contentment about it when we do it. 

But check that out… 

There we are running up to the insanity with such a lust for it we can not contain ourselves, or seemingly be able to stop the inner drive to partake in it.  

This is always miserable- making for us when we stop and see what we are doing.  

We just need to understand that our egos are not playing with a full deck. 

They don’t have the information about how to surrender and escape the nightmare permanently, because the egos are insane- as we have established. 

And so why do we insist on following them into that state of suffering which undeniably follows?  

We just need to realize that God always has a plan for us. 

Some of us get so frustrated in the face of our addictions because they seem impossible to beat and turn them around.  It can feel like we have gone up to the refrigerator a million times for that hot chocolate sundae!! 

“What is up that?” part of us comments.  But the truth is that everything gets used. 

We don’t know how things will be truly, because only God knows, but we can enjoy the ride of our experience more when we simply remember that everything has a grand design. 

We will learn from all of our mistakes, and we know on some level that this is true. 

Therefore, we can just stop suffering over the million times to the refrigerator. 

This is about our quality of life, and we can be light about even those areas of our existence that may feel raw and vulnerable. 

Making peace with this part of ourselves that acts out in addictions is a huge contributor to reducing the pain we feel inflicted with.  

The best thing to remember is that our craving for whatever we crave can be solved with Love. 

We just need to allow Love of God to be the miracle that heals that insanity that we may really agonize over. 

We just need to take a deep breath when we feel called to the refrigerator and just breathe in God’s Love. 

We can love the craving, and forgive it, while we just give our full attention to the warmness we feel in our hearts, and know that God is there filling us up, so that craving then disappears because it is saturated with God’s Love.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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