ACIM Lesson 341

“What is a Miracle?” Lesson 341: I can attack but my own sinlessness. And it is only that which keeps me safe.”

This lesson says, “I am he on whom you smile in love, and tenderness so dear and deep and still the Universe smiles back on You, and shares Your Holiness.” 

I love this great descriptor “tenderness…”  I see God acting like He is a totally loving and forgiving Father Who adores His children. 

Tenderness is ever so gentle. 

The whole mood and energy of God is where God is totally quiet, and serene, and certain.  He is also accepting, and forgiving, and completely certain of our lovability and worth. 

We get a God Who shows up continually to be the most amazing, and even better than the perfect we can image, because He is God.  And therefore, our ability to even stand here in this second and understand the degree of His perfection is impossible.

God is always outdoing Himself, simply because He loves to play, and always be in the midst of the grand party- with all of our favorite toys. 

God arranges everything perfectly just so we can join the party to at any and all times. 

We just need to realize that we can make our own choices and create our lives, as one with a Purpose that makes us rock and sing.

We can make the miracles all the time because they are easy to access, when we allow that little bit of willingness to go right through us.

The Course gives us the information that is correct- that we are sinless and perfect in the eyes of God. 

Therefore, we can expect to be treated by others and with ourselves with a deep level of respect and kindness, because we are worth the effort, and doing this sort of thing makes us truly happy, when we finally get into a groove of doing it regularly. 

Because the options are ours, then, there is never a reason we can’t enjoy ourselves.  The ego always makes us doubt ourselves. 

God says that there is no need for doubt, when we simply step up to that little challenge of choosing something fun and easy.  

We just need to do what is easy, while we realize that in fact it is easy.

The problem only ever occurs when we forget that doing the best thing for us, as children of God is simple when we let it be. 

That is the only problem- we forget.  That is easy to remedy, we just write it down or find some little thing in our day to day that reminds us of that slice of truth that we forgot. 

That is actually about as simple as it comes for our salvation.  We just have to realize that our salvation is always in place, and we just need to recall that this is so, and then all is resolved.  

Can’t beat that luck, huh?

We got God giving us this amazing perfect reality- that we are always the chosen ones, and that we are always in the midst of just enjoying the show. 

We don’t have to do anything else, because God set us and the Universe up to be as easy as pie.  Sounds like a party to me.  Are you going to come?

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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