Laurie’s Positive Points: Mindful Movement

Laurie’s Positive Points

Mindful Movement

One really cool thing we can do to make the happy dream hilariously happy is to bring as much consciousness to everything we do in the world. 

We are given these gifts from God to be totally sinless and lovable and to get to prance around the happy dream with light feet which God has designed for us personally to be the best. 

And we have the gift of God’s guidance and certainty and Love whenever we remember to just let this reality be real. 

This is the real and true blessing for sure.  This, surely, is all the blessing we actually need. 

However, God gives us infinitely more than just what is adequate. 

God wants us to be rock solid happy and dreamily in love with all we see so God provides us with even more.

But we also get this amazing gift of our bodies and the way our bodies function. 

When we sit down and check it out, we see it is truly extraordinary. 

We can have deep gratitude for all the ways in the world we are blessed, and all the ways we have such want to sit in thanks. 

But we can take this all great stuff one step even further, even than that amazingly happy dream I just wrote about.

We can sit, and get really fascinated by our bodies, and the way we walk is a way to demonstrate love and to find more ways to just rejoice for our blessings. 

We have bodies that we often think are challenges, and we may have wars with our bodies sometimes because this is an inevitable part of being human. 

The way we are designed, bodies all decay and die eventually.  This is inherently human. 

But remember, no matter how hard the body is at moments or even all the time, we can still sit with a deep love and respect for all the ways we are blessed because of it.  

God says that all this amazing stuff is ours for the taking, and this is why we can feel amazing all the time. 

No matter how hard the moment might be when our bodies persistently ache and we believe we suffer, just remember to do justice to our bodies, and how uniquely phenomenal they are. 

We just need to hold in our minds all the time that we are so blessed in all ways, as God decrees it. 

Therefore, we just need to hold this truth in our minds all the time, so we then carry the energy of our blessed lives and bodies.

We float in grace and fullness as long as we remember it, and when we feel this, then we carry the energy with us. 

This is the superb way we can enjoy our bodies more in those moments we may be aching, because we associate with the body all of God’s exceptional gifts.

Moving is that little introduction we make of ourselves to the world in how we choose to proceed. 

We have this amazing capacity in getting ourselves around in the world with movement.  We can ask ourselves are we moving with God’s lightness?

We want to raise our consciousnesses a little higher. 

Thus, we can do such amazing things while we are on the earth, and do things like dedicate all of our movements to God. 

We can be curious as we move and remember to not judge ourselves if there is some movement that we think might call from us some judgement. 

The movement is our way to be able to express ourselves in the world, and therefore, it is something we can dedicate to God and to our Higher Selves. 

Take a moment sometime and just remember to remember to glide with easy steps.  

We can clear our minds in the process, and focus on the feeling of our bodies, and allow ourselves to be totally in the experience of the moment and the experience of our oneness one with God. 

This can be a whole practice when we use what we know from living the happy dream. 

We can remember to get ecstatically happy while remember to just allow this movement to get us straight to God.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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