Laurie’s Positive Points: Smile at all that little stuff

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Smile at all the little stuff.

Wake up every day with a light mind. 

We can make the most of things, or we can grimace about it all. 

Just think- every day we wake up new, and we get to do everything over again.

We get to make it all how we want it to be truly. 

So let’s stand up, and welcome the new day, with some spunk and attitude. 

We get up with an attitude of appreciation. 

This shifts everything because we are quietly accepting everything as it comes, when we are in the appreciation groove. 

When we welcome things in, then our resistance to everything becomes non-existent. 

That last bit of resistance is what the ego is here within us, trying hard with all its tricks, to keep itself in the same place. 

But we can melt this resistance with gratitude. 

Just that very, very subtle energy of kindness and forgiveness, about all that happens, is what gives a full force behind the gratitude, even when we are still- at times- partially resisting.  

Just allow gratitude the be that old best friend, that we can’t help but to reach out to, and seek out their company, because we have a long history of making miracles when we are together.

Miracles are full of surprises, because they are EXACLY what is needed in every situation to shift things, and also to renew lackluster form. 

When we feel the gratitude, our hearts sing, since the gratitude is endlessly sweet. 

It is the thing that we can smile about on a rainy day, or exactly- to a T- what the doctor ordered- to cure our ills.  

The gratitude is the memory of feeling abundant. 

Gratitude, energetically, is when we are full of Love. 

This is why gratitude is so effective at changing the course of the wayward ship (of the ego). 

Gratitude allows us to know that the plenty of God’s Love is right here and now, because we evoke it forth, when our minds tune into gratitude. 

This is why gratitude is a perfect way to spend our days and nights.  

Gratitude is very mellow- subtle for sure, but also, ever present, when we allow it to be. 

Then, our hearts laugh, with giggles galore. 

When we make time for gratitude, we truly have gotten to the greatest part of our lives, and this is worth pursuing consistently. 

Let gratitude be our best friend, with whom we get to spend our days, because sharing company with gratitude is as fun as can be. 

Give ourselves the gift of gratitude!

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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