Laurie’s Positive Points: We are graced with the gift of seeing ourselves outwardly

Laurie’s Positive Points

We are graced with the gift of seeing ourselves outwardly.

The best way to know ourselves is to see ourselves as a reflection in the world.  

Be willing to appreciate that God made the world so that we could get a clear look at ourselves after we thought we separated from God. 

When we went into that place of believing in the separation, then we started using the ego’s eyes to see, and this is definitely not where we want to be. 

The world is a projection of our inner minds, so that we can have an arena to get to mend ourselves, when we believed there was a problem. 

The world is where we can get to know ourselves because it is the place that appears to have problems, and in the addressing of these problems is how we cure ourselves in fact. 

The ego is alway striving to run and hide, because the ego loves to suffer, so wants to avoid anything that might result in true healing.  The ego is resolutely against any healing we might do.  

We get to get more authentic with ourselves because we can’t escape from ourselves. 

This gives us the quickest way home right to God. 

We have the best gift ever in simply getting into exploring our minds. 

Our own individual minds are where all the repairing needs to happen. 

There is nothing else out there except for us and God. 

All the worldly stuff we appear to see outside of us is simply that part of ourselves that needs resolving. 

Any time we have a need for healing or we are cheerless, this means we have a block to love’s presence.

Therefore, we forgot that we are always connected with God, and that we can trust God implicitly to be our Guardian, with unconditional and perfect love, which is alway completely satisfying. 

God’s perfect love is all we want and need. 

When it comes down to what will restore us to health, we have to realize that any problem we have is simply some form of lack of love, and this is why we can count on God’s love to heal all the complaints we think we have. 

It is the only thing we need for total salvation.  

We have all these relationships on the earth that we are given, so that we can learn to have peace within the individual relationships. 

We were given other people here to simply help us to remember love. 

Within our relationships, where we are learning to be in harmony with another, we get the gift of that Godly inclusive energy, which is what makes us feel thoroughly balanced and right. 

This is why our brothers and sisters on the earth are our quickest way home to God, since we are learning to love them and forgive them while we also learn to love and forgive ourselves.

Since this is God’s energy, it elevates us dramatically so we can truly be in peace within ourselves and with all others.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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