ACIM Lesson 173

Lesson 173: Review: “God is but love, and therefore so am I.”  “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”  “I walk with God in perfect holiness.”

The ego’s old refrain is touted in the most compelling of manners. 

The ego’s entire reality is one of lack and scarcity. 

The ego is always behaving in ways of total arrogance, with inflated, false energy and ideas that are based on nothing, and this is why they slip away rapidly. 

They have no might to even stay afloat a breath when we have them. 

Their reality is so momentary and minuscule that the ideas disappear instantly when we have them. 

They are unreal, and therefore they have no substance, and nothing upon which to base our attitude and reality.  The ego always plays out a reality, based on nothing real, because it is not of God.  

The ego is always trying to convince us it is truly magnificent, but this is just a bit of false promotion. 

The ego’s arrogance is a harsh energy, and it feels disruptive when we encounter it and feel it. 

This is why we want to appreciate how we actually want to feel. 

 We want to not get lured into the ego’s web of deception. 

And, we can catch this if we look for it, and when we find it, stay clear that we don’t want it. 

The ego’s arrogance is not what we want to feel and experience when we follow God. 

The ego is always false, and the energy we feel is false, when we allow the ego to speak roaringly or at all.   

We have the choice to get into our certainty. 

We want to step back in humility, so that we are always clear we are not trying to usurp the position of God. 

We want to feel this gentle feeling of being willing to not be the only elevated one. 

That is arrogance, when we feel grandiose, and we feel like everyone has to be in a hierarchy, and that there is not enough love to go around. 

This arrogance is that fierce, harsh energy that also has no power to it truly. 

We are asked to remember that feeling humble is amazing, because it allows us to get into all the relationships we have with ourselves, God, and all others, with that feeling that everything is perfect as it is, and there is no problem to speak of.

We need to start with that amazing feeling of grandeur, where we feel totally certain because we know God loves us unconditionally. 

This feeling of certainty is the best and only gift we need to give ourselves. 

We want to come with God’s amazing feeling of certainty, because it is simply the action of feeling that we know we are lovable and worthy, while we let God lead the way. 

When we come with the certainty and humility, it is the experience of grandeur- which is ideally the feeling we want to have, while we give God permission to run our lives. 

We want to realize our great worth, while we give God every part of ourselves, so that we are balanced within ourselves, when we offer ourselves gratefully to God’s purpose.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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