Laurie’s Positive Points: Own that we prefer pain.

Laurie’s Positive Points

Own that we prefer pain.

One of the ways we can make peace with the world is to forgive it. 

The world’s challenging aspects are always pushing our buttons. 

Always, when we perceive the world with the ego’s perspective, we see the world as a combat zone of affliction. 

We do this because our egos like to suffer. 

Very often our egos are addicted to the sting of that trauma, and this is something that hurls us right off guard. 

We sit and look at the world, and we see it as a problem, because we are used to the level of insanity, and we love it at some level. 

We just need to be aware of ourselves when we do this.   

We are always in the position of making our own choices about how to respond to the world, so we get to choose if we want the adversity, or if we want to sit and rather giggle- and laugh and play, in the earth’s bastions of joy. 

We just have that seemingly- broken part of ourselves, that latches onto the pain, because we thrive on it. 

We just need to sit and get honest with ourselves when this happens. 

Just be willing to take a clear look at our inner world. 

Just see that tired, old part of ourselves that insists on being out of balance, and know this is always a choice.  

All we have to do is own this, and then, just do something different the next time this happens. 

It is actually quite simple when we let it be. 

That addiction is just that old habit, and we can rewrite it. 

We are the master creators of our lives- with God, and therefore, when the going gets crazy, and we get stuck in old patterns, just stop and breathe, and then try another- different- option than the previous one.  We can do it.

Sometimes we may sit and look forward to the next difficult scenario to come, in anticipation of the anxiety. 

We just live for  that old hit of pain, and so we often jump right onto discovering another hit of some intense reaction of panic. 

But we can make it rather about the time of choosing the miracle. 

Just sit and listen to that inner part of ourselves that feels needy, and is craving that substance, with the addictive energy,- that forceful pull, and you see it for what it is. 

Just make sure we give it the space to be undone, and we can honor and respect this addictive part of ourselves, while we are firm that we need to give it to God, and laugh about it, instead of making it a problem. 

Make sure we bring God with us, and know that we have God infinitely present, so we can trust that it is all going to turn out well.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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