Laurie’s Positive Points; Positivism is our reward.


 We need to go in the right direction. Choosing the positive is the one thing we can do to propel or excel in our lives forward—the simple, easy step of being in the open flow of positivity. Negativity weighs heavily on us. We feel it through and through. So make sure we do not go in that direction. If we get lost and go toward the negative, shifting ourselves to go positive is easy. When we go in the right direction, we get to be joyful, so it is worth doing. We have to notice when we go astray.

We do negativity unconsciously, so we must pay attention and try to change direction whenever and however often it happens; we must aright ourselves and not struggle anymore. The positive direction will heal us because we are open to abundant thinking and God’s Purpose and will be much happier when we do the positive direction. So show up and take every step the right way so we do not have a moment of dismay. Pessimistic and optimistic, we can choose one or the other, so we need to make sure we go in the direction of pluses because all will be well when we do.


 If we start to worry and make an internal complaint from the egos, we quickly get ourselves to a quiet moment in which we do not suffer anymore. We change our direction toward the plus, which makes us smile instantly, so go there with enthusiasm and gusto. Please ensure we choose light, abundance, and joy because it is better than negativity. We will be sure we take reasonable care to select a life of grace, ease, and pluses with no negatives. There are two directions. Stay conscious.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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