Laurie’s Positive Points

Have well formed, healthy boundaries with our loved ones.

Sometimes in our relationships, with our closest people, like partners, spouses, and family, we end up doing unhelpful things ,when we are feeling off balance, or perhaps when we may not have developed certain parts of ourselves yet, and we are therefore, not yet at a place of comfort in our close relationships.

This is something that is so important for us to deal with, if we want to be happy and have an easy life.

When we have closer people, then we can sometimes find ourselves being too pushy, or forgetting that our close people are their own people, and that have their own desires, and their own opinions.  

I have noticed that often when we have closer people, we can forget they are their own person.  Sometimes when people are really close, they may even lose track of who and what they are, and who and what the other person is.

 We lose track because we are so close, especially energetically.

So just give them space to be who they are.   

When we forget they are their own people, we may end up trying to push our own agenda, instead of investigating who they are. Kids and adults, all have their own needs, so we need to be willing to give them permission to have their own unique needs.

We want to not be judgmental about who and what they are.  And we do that, when we are willing to give them the space to be who they are, and do what is best for them.  

Boundaries are so important in our relationships, but especially in the closer ones.

So we need to simply pay greater attention to those relationships, and to afford some time and focus to the process, of being especially aware of our own respect,  and our honoring who they are, in the relationship. 

To me, respecting and honoring the other person, is the best way to be able to have appropriate, and correct, God- centered boundaries in that relationship.  

Honoring and respecting the other person allows me to have healthier boundaries with them, because I am entering into a relationship with them that includes my own awareness of how much they are their own person. 

When we can harmoniously connect with their uniqueness and their own Self, then i am more likely to treat them appropriately, and we also can take the awareness with us that they are their own people.  

To me, honoring someone else, means that we are more likely to show up and treat them well, and most appropriately.  We treat them with respect and kindness.  We are asked to show up also with forgiveness, which always helps considerably.

We may want to afford some time and focus to the process of reconstituting our boundaries in relationships to be healthier.  We can do work on ourselves, and offer extra effort to this.

It can be quite helpful to go to a counselor off and on, or to go to 12 step meetings, or to read helpful self- growth books, and to focus on this area of our growth. 

We want put our focus on getting to where we are more in harmony with our desire for self- growth. 

 Working on our boundaries, especially emotional ones is such a gift, even if it may take a span of time to do this.  Just realize that all in our lives, especially ourselves, are so fortunate when we grow further.  Show up to the invitation to grow.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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