Laurie’s Positive Points: TCM wisdom of going to sleep before midnight

Laurie’s Positive Points

TCM wisdom regarding sleeping before midnight:

Balanced yin and yang. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most fundamental principle is that we are meant to be in balance within our yin and yang. 

By nature, yin and yang are polar opposites and do not include each other at all.  However, within the yin-yang theory in fact,  it turns out that there is always some yin within yang, and always some yang within yin.

Even though they are polar opposites, and by their very nature, they do not include each other.  This is another way of explaining how things are real and unreal in the world.  

We get such a clear and firm message that the world is not real. 

We want to just have our firm footing that we are not upset with what happens in the world. 

Because we are totally attached to the world and our bodies, this is why the Course goes to such lengths to simply make this reality of the world being unreal seem like such a stark and precise, outstanding message. 

But it turns out that the world is always real at some level, and we need to understand this, so that we can make peace with the world, and deal with it proactively.  

When we feel called by the Holy Spirit to do something active, to be true and authentic to ourselves, we want to not miss out on this opportunity, if we think the world is not real and deny it. 

We need to act to speak up for ourselves, because this is the only way to feel empowered and good about ourselves.

Thus, we need to remember that we need to forgive the world, while we also work to change it, when we find ourselves amidst moments of insanity and a seemingly fierce reality.  We just need to forgive this and let it go. 

Then, we are ready to see the world as unreal, and not be upset about it, while we also on some level know it is real.  This is similar to the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s yin and yang concept.  

We just need to forgive this for being hard, however we perceive it, and just sit and accept it for what it is.  Forgiving is all we need to stay out of the nightmare as we see it.  

We are meant to stay in balance, in all the ways, it is necessary for us to be truly happy and fulfilled. 

Balance is always the key that allows us to  stay in tuned with Higher Principles with God and with the support of the broad Universe.  But the problem is that we forget how to stay even.

One of the gems of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that it offers some bedtime wisdom, another way to support our balance. 

Different hours of the day and night correspond with yin and yang, and also correlate with different organs. 

One of the understandings of TCM is that it is extra helpful to go to bed early. 

However many hours we go to bed before midnight supports the yin, is what the masters say. 

And thus, people can have another way to support their yin. 

The time before midnight is the yin time, and so when we go to bed early, we allow our yin to get stronger and more potent.   

This is just one more thing one can do to stay in balance with our health and yin and yang.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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