ACIM Lesson 208

Lesson 208: Review: I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “The peace of God is shining in me now.”  

This lesson says, “I will be still and let the earth be still along with me.” 

The amazing thing is that all we have to do to connect with God is to be still.

We don’t have to do anything or say anything particularly.

We just need to quiet our minds and listen to God from within ourselves.

The Course reminds us that we all have the Holy Spirit, that part of God that we all have within us all the time. 

This means there is never a moment that we are without God, and no moment when we are stuck without the guidance of God if we are up for listening to it.  This makes our lives incredibly simple and easy. 

This means that all of our stress is in fact not just inconsequential, but in fact, does not exist.

This whole undoing of stressors takes away that intense hit.

Because when we accept it is unreal, in has far less impact on us, simply because we realize in this process that the impact on is is so minuscule, that it feels almost like it hasn’t happened at all. 

This is why the Course’s whole prospect of the undoing of things is entirely liberating for us, because it allows us to live in the world with such a different mindset. 

Then, we can laugh about the upsets because we can. 

This is why it works if we just understand it entirely and apply this philosophy to every thing.  

The only problem is that we forget that there is nothing to worry about. 

This means that the best life ever is ours for the taking and accepting, if we are just up for the taking.

We just need to sit and be available to God’s Presence within.

Sometimes it takes time to get used to conversing with God as the Holy Spirit within us, but trust that this is absolutely normal.

We can trust that this will pass as long as we just stay at the process.

We need to be open to making the effort to be in this process of listening to God for our whole lives and definitely just staying in it when we are learning to hear that voice initially. 

We are the ones who just need to make this decision.

God gives us the willingness to use to give us our own personal door within our minds which opens automatically, when we are open to God. 

Our own willingness is all we need to open the secret gate to the Kingdom of Heaven instantly and permanently.

The willingness is that catalyst within our minds which is all we need to get to the miracle of connection with God in earnest.  Our consciousness is raised the moment we just connect with our own willingness.

But we to need to stay in relationship with it because it is the way out of our misery and suffering. 

The willingness within us is our own instant connection with that Godly part of us, that is our reminder that everything is perfect as it is, as long as we are up for seeing things that way. 

This is why the willingness solves every problem, and this is why it is our best interest to stay in tuned with it.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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