Laurie’s Positive Points: Conscious breathing

Laurie’s Positive Points

Conscious Breathing

We are given our bodies as tools so that we can embrace the kingdom of God while we are on earth. 

Our bodies are not real and so we don’t want to be attached to them, or be overly concerned with them, because when we do, we get preoccupied with form and what is temporary. 

Our bodies serve as vehicles to provide us with form while we live so we can dance around the Kingdom of God.  Our bodies serve us well if we let them serve us. 

We just need to remember to make peace with our bodies.  When we give the bodies purpose, then we make peace with them. 

We need to give our bodies Godly purpose, and then our relationships with them will be aligned and appropriate.  

We need to give them little pushes when necessary, and also gentleness while we push, so that we are respectful when we have moments, when we need to push our bodies or our minds to do something. 

Respect is that simple acceptance of what is happening, while we also give ourselves the space we need to have whatever processes we have. 

Respect is the cornerstone upon which we want to base our activities and thinking, because in respect, we honor who we are authentically, and remember the truth of who we are.  

We just need to give our minds and selves the space we need to have whatever processes we have.   When we respect ourselves, we are open to being honest with our needs, and listening intently to ourselves.  

As humans, we have needs, and we are always trying to negotiate with ourselves and others about those needs. 

We have need to slow down and check in with ourselves, in an air of respect and kindness. 

We need to stop and see what is happening within us in the moment.  We often have lots of practice at forgetting the moment, and forgetting to be honest with ourselves in the moment.  

But we have another option.  We can stop and breathe. 

We can just sit and linger, and enjoy our breath, while we have a stopping point where we can be still and listen. 

We humans have some habit of powering through everything, and not stopping to be present, but we have this amazing human capacity to sit and breathe instead of powering though. 

Breath is the gift that magically slows us down and gives us purpose to sit and be conscious.

Breath is something we all can use all throughout the day.  We can stop and check in, and breathe while we collect ourselves energetically and personally in our days. 

Our breathing we can devote to God with lightness and gratitude.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture 


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