Laurie’s Positive Points: Resistance is futile

Resistance is futile. 

We are asked to be open to the serenity of God’s Purpose and be willing to show up infinitely and entirely. 

We are here on earth to learn to get back to God, we all get assimilated back to God’s Supreme force of Love. 

That is exciting!  What a rush!!  So let’s just be willing to let this be so, and not resist like crazy. 

Be open to learning about how to become bigger people. 

We also get to experience ecstatic bliss, and Supreme Love, forgiveness, and lightness, now and always, in this process. 

Really, is there any valid reason to resist God’s Purpose?  And yet we do this so much!

Our egos resist everything.   Undoubtedly, the fundamental behavior of the ego is to resist.

We feel this when we are doing something, and suddenly whatever we had total ease doing before, now suddenly becomes problematic, and then, we stop the flow of what we were doing. 

The ego likes to be wordy, to say the least. It is always with a big story, that the ego brings to the forefront of our minds.

ALL egos are like this; it is a fundamental part of being human. 

Just forgive that this is the way it is, and then forgive the ego. 

The ego makes a serious war within us.  This is what is unavoidable because it is the essential feature of the ego. 

But then, on top of that, we resist that we resist the ego.  

Sometimes, especially when we are developed spiritually, then sometimes we “”think” we should be above having the ego doing its regular song and dance. 

Just remember, this is still the dance of our egos, to resist the painful stuff, brought by the ego. 

This needs to be the first order of business for us. 

We need to forgive like it is the best part of our day…  And get right to it. 

We need to forgive everything we see. 

The situation is undoubtedly making us feel crazy. 

We need to start forgiving there. 

But then, go down the line of everything in the situation, and even the things we may not even realize we are at war with them. 

Just expect that our egos are so great, and accomplished at being judgmental, and thus, there will be lots of ways the ego is resisting the situation. 

Just sit in meditation, and ask God (and the Holy Spirit) to show us a little more clarity, all the places where we are missing remembering to forgive. 

Then, this may take time, and we may have a more extensive process, because there is a lot of forgiveness that needs to be done, in the forefront of our minds. 

It goes on until we have exhausted it a bit, until we come to a more thorough end.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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