Laurie’s Positive Points: Surrender our judgement in food choices

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Surrender our judgement in food choices.

Let curiosity be the guide for our food choices. 

Judgement comes at a heightened pace when we check out different behaviors with food or deliberate over when and how much to eat.  

If we have any kind of any previous unhealthy patterns with food, we may notice a tendency to have further similar habits with food later too. 

Our patterns repeat themselves because the ego pushes to have more of the ego.  

Let’s give the ego’s judgement the day off. 

Recognize that the second we want to have judgement back, we can have it, but until then, let’s just start with something fresh and new.  

We are so used to having an opinion about things because this is familiar. 

But just allow this to be a method of information gathering, not a way think about food in general. 

Leave judgment far out of reach, so we allow ourselves no participation with it, using it to determine things.

Our job is to stay light about the judgement.  We evaluate the picture without the “good” and “bad.” 

We learn how to have preferences, without that sharp energetic hit of giving those things too much power over the way our minds perceive things.

Seeking about something allows us to inquire about it. 

We ideally want to be in a mindset where we don’t feel like we want to stay in control of the situation and the picture. 

We want to be in a mindset where we are open to listening. 

God and the Holy Spirit’s conversations with us happen when we are listening. 

We are listening when we have not already decided how things are in the moment.

This intuiting- or listening- is the way to be fully in the flow of God’s Love, because we are in a state of experience of Love, and acceptance and forgiveness. 

It is always miraculous to be in the questioning mind because we are open to God’s answers.

When we feel the ego in control, we get tense, and uptight, and insist on interpreting things in any way. 

It could be either good or bad even.  The main thing about the ego is that, when it is in control, then the block to Love’s presence is in place. 

The miracle then, alludes us, because we are not tuning in with God’s message.

It is also a receptive state, when we are open to listening, and we are open to receiving and giving miracles because we are entirely willing to play our parts.

Curiosity is being present with the moment, really sitting with what is, and giving it space to be whatever it is, and to thoroughly enjoy this process. 

Curiosity is when we give ourselves permission to ask God or the Holy Spirit how to see things.  We entirely get out of the way.

We sit and invite the ego to just sit back, and allow ourselves instead to join with God’s Purpose, with a mind not attached to the ego’s own singular position of hate and attack.

This is a quiet and kind invitation. 

There is no pressure in it. 

The no pressure part is how you know it is of God. 

The ego always has a sense of urgency, and rigid control about it, so the ego is never easy. 

It is a great way to recognize God- in the mix of the world.  We feel curiosity and gentleness.

This is the clearest way to see God, and recognize when God is in power within us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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