Laurie’s Positive Points: Everything is just energy in the Course and in TCM

Laurie’s Positive Points

Everything is just energy in the Course and in TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM), we find Qi (chee).  Qi is the energy in the body and of the body. 

TCM’s Qi includes all the energy in the Universe.  

Qi is the substance and force that enlivens us because it is the energy behind our activities. 

And it is also the energy of what organizes our bodies. 

In TCM, it is understood that Qi is what keeps us moving until we die, and then the Qi returns to the Universe.

It turns out- that if you break down matter into smaller and smaller pieces, then eventually, you end up with invisible energy. 

That means that there is nothing physical left.  Modern physics now teaches us this truth.  

This is such a big deal to get the real scoop about what is happening out there.

It is not just in our Course books where we hear this idea of everything being energy. 

We also find it in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  that has existed for thousands of years, and been well accepted in many cultures throughout that time. 

Since we also see the exact same thing now, in modern physics, this awareness is currently more commonly heard about.   By now, this information has reached more people.  

I am amazed that in TCM, this medicine of learned societies, for thousands of years has understood that every thing is energy. 

They have understood that the body is, therefore, energy as well. 

I think this is a cool fundamental philosophy, and it beautifully matches the Course, which as we know is a recently scribed book. 

Qi is the energy of life force within you and around you.  The miracle is that everything in the Universe, including our bodies, is just energy. 

And the purpose of TCM theory is to help people to live in harmony. 

One of the ways of doing this is by moderating the Qi within us, to behave differently.  The goal is to get the person’s Qi to become balanced and healthy.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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