Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgiveness is the miracle at hand

Forgiveness is the miracle in the moment. 

There is never too much of forgiveness. 

We just need to hold it high in our minds in terms of prioritization. 

Forgiveness sometimes gets put at the wayside, with those things yet undone or not yet realized. 

Forgiveness can be that little morsel of an idea that never comes into fruition, because we fail to recognize how much we need it in the present moment. 

We can be sitting there on the sidelines of forgiveness, not ready yet to plunge in, and take it for our own.

Forgiveness is the one thing that is miraculous on Earth. 

God specifically gave us forgiveness, as the one miracle on Earth that gets us as close to God as we can be, and still be human on the Earth.

God gifted us- we have the way to get as high as we can be energetically while we are still in form. 

This is another reason we want to stop at nothing to give forgiveness a try instantly.  

We get to God immediately, because forgiveness is when we remember there is never anything wrong. 

Forgiveness includes the awareness that God is with us in all of our interactions, and therefore, there is never a reason to feel distress, or any amount of resentment about what happens in the world. 

God gave us the salve-forgiveness that always works. 

When we forgive, the energy state of forgiveness allows us to rise above any action that someone may have done that seems in the moment impossible to overlook. 

Forgiveness is when we allow God to erase the intensity of the insanity, and the actual, complete existence of the mishap.  

It is eradicated from our memory and our energy.  That is miraculous indeed!

We end up feeling no longer bothered by whatever happened, and we are able to then proceed to a full restoration of our feeling of union with our brothers and sisters. 

When we have some discord with them, then that attack energy between us makes us feel like we are separated from them.  And this is never an deal that we want.

We want to be able to spend time with them when we feel called to do so, and don’t spend time with people when we don’t feel called to do so. 

But in either situation, we want to feel in love, and in a total state of forgiveness with whatever people and situations are at hand. 

Just that energetic connection with others- from a place of love and forgiveness- is always ideal and what we strive for. 

We want to feel in our hearts that we are blessed to be friends with them, even if we are choosing to not spend time with them in the moment. 

Just the intention of love- when we are totally in the state of forgiveness toward them within- is the key to our happiness.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture 


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