ACIM Lesson 123

Lesson 123: “I thank my Father for His gifts to me.”

This lesson says, “Be glad you have a function in salvation to fill…  Today we smile on everyone we see and walk with lightened footsteps as we go to do what is appointed us to do.”

We get to be light in the process of loving our brothers and sisters.  This is all we have to do. 

We just need to welcome in the alignment with God, through being open to getting easy about everything. 

Our egos try to stop the music and take all the attention from God, and comfort, and ease, and fun. 

Our egos always give us their two cents emphatically,  but the ego’s will is of poverty,  and there is nothing sensical about it. 

Our egos are crazy, and out of control. 

We can see this for what it is or we can not.  

We are the ones who choose. 

There is always the possibility that we can choose the miracle of being light, but it takes persistence to stay on task. 

Catch the ego red handed immediately.

Just stand up, and be willing to use our voices with God. 

We are asked to simply choose again a God-centered direction, and trust that once we make even the slightest amount of willingness to get into a new direction with God, then we can trust that all has been done already. 

And we can enjoy the celebration of getting clear whenever possible.

Willingness is the miracle of participation. 

If God wanted us to just follow Him, with never a moment of questioning the situation, God would do this, because He is the Supreme God, and has His own true reality projected into the world. 

God knows that He has Supreme power, so if he wanted us to join Him- at any moment, He could certainly do that, because He is God. 

But the beauty of what the Course says is that God gave us the gift of willingness, so that, at some point, we will realize that we want to choose God, and we can, because God gave us the option.

That willingness is truly a miracle, because it is the way we get closer to God. 

When we join our wills with God, our combined Will is infinitely larger and more robust. 

When our wills become joined, then our collective Will is infinitely stronger than it would be otherwise.  

This is exactly why God gave us our Wills, so that when we are ready to choose Him, then, the energy of our togetherness is crazy powerful. 

And we get to sit and bask in God’s energy and our collective union. 

God gave our our Wills so we can use them this way, and then we get to be more deeply connected to our union with God because if it.  This is why Wills are so fun!! 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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