Laurie’s Positive Points: Fill Your Mind with enthusiasm for life!

Laurie’s Positive åPoints: Fill your mind with enthusiasm for life. Be willing to show up and do your best.

We need to forgive our mistakes and not feel any guilt when we do make mistakes. Guilt is always the number one block emotionally and spiritually while we live, so make sure to monitor when we have it.

Guilt is not our friend, so we want to ensure that we catch it in our minds before it becomes full-blown. When we make mistakes, we can feel terrible about ourselves because our egos love to judge, and we genuinely suffer from this judgment.

We need to make sure we do not let this happen. Judgment is the primary source of our suffering, so we need to make sure when we see it peak its head, we go full speed into catching the judgment.

Our egos want us to suffer, so our judgment is the primary reason we suffer, so we need not allow our minds to go into this energy of emotion because it feels terrible.

Whenever we judge the world, that is when we establish an opinion about the world, and this is not productive; our judgment is the only thing in life that we suffer over, so our job Is to catch ourselves and not go into it.

Our primary job is to capture our judgment and discard it the moment we notice it, and then we will not suffer at all about it. Then we will feel so much better.

We feel guilty the moment we think we have done something wrong. Our egos will cause us to see ourselves as sinners when we make mistakes.

So we need to remember that the world and our egos are not real and have no impact on us. Then we need to remember that sin is a total illusion so that we never get to a place where we believe we made grave mistakes that are unforgivable and deserve punishment or that since we have sinned, our mistakes are intolerable.

So we need to remember that our guilt will disappear as long as we remember we are sinless and that sin does not exist in the first place. There is no way we can make an unforgivable mistake.

And when we remember that sin is unreal and has no power to affect us, we realize and feel that we have no guilt because our sin is impossible.  

After all, God did not create us as beings that can sin any unforgivable sin; therefore, our guilt is a non-entity at all, so we have no guilt at any time because of this. We just forgot this is true, so we must remind ourselves.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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