Lesson 199: “I am not a body, I am free.”

This lesson gives us this clarity about our safety,”The mind can be made free only when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it and sheltered by its presence.  If this were the truth, the mind would be vulnerable indeed!” 

It is essential for us to remember that we are not our bodies.  When we do, then we start to ask the body to do things that are ego centered. 

We need to realize that our bodies are meant to serve us while we are living on earth, and God has specific plans for us in the Universe, so we can entirely trust the greater Plan of God’s Universe.  

We can trust that we will get to do all the things, that we were meant to do in our lifetimes on earth, because God is running the agenda.  

We can therefore trust that all that happens occurs for our highest benefit.  Trust that when we get sick or our bodies die, that God has a perfect plan. 

This is the reason to stay totally off the battleground, and don’t get upset about what happens in the world.  

Just realize that God wants us to have our bodies as vehicles to get us around in life.  But we need to always remember not to be judgmental about how our bodies may have difficulties or health challenges. 

Don’t be attached to being in a body, and God wants us to treat our bodies with respect, so that we honor them, and take care of them. 

When we hear Holy-Spirit inspired messages about something we need to do to take care of our bodies in the physical world, step up and take the necessary steps that feel appropriate.  But take the body lightly, stop our regular focus on the body, because our obsession with the body is ego centered.  

Just remember that since we want to be entirely focused on not being obsessed about the body,  this will allow us to stay energetically in tuned with our minds instead, and since our minds are strictly God-centered, then we will be serving our own holy Purpose for our own lives. 

When we are mind centered, we are energetically elevated, and thus we are in communion with God, and all of our brothers and sisters.  And when we sit in communion with God, it feels amazing.

The Course tells us we are not our bodies, so that we will instead put our focus on our minds instead. 

We need to realize and accept that all worldly things are all impermanent, and the world is falling apart.   Since all things die and deteriorate, the great news is that God is all permanent. 

We are guaranteed God is trustworthy.  And this is the foundation of our faith in God.  It is our guarantee from God.

God is the Supreme Force, God is permanent, and never fades in any way.  Because of His Supreme nature, we can understand that we need to stay as closely as we can to God’s Energy, and Purpose and Love. 

Because God’s infinite nature is also our own true nature, we can trust that God is our Father. The Course tells us that God loves us infinitely, and therefore, God has shared all of His Energy in us, and in our own individual creations as people.

Since we are made of God’s Energy, we automatically share God’s perfect Supreme Energy.  This means our bodies will never deteriorate or die, if we are open to recognizing our own inheritance of God’s Energy, and thus, we can trust that our bodies are fine. 

The only problem is that we forget that our bodies are fine, or we simply are not able to fully absorb this reality. 

So the job is only with us, and we need to continue to let this infiltrate into our consciousness.

I  just love the message that there is nothing that will cause us to be vulnerable in the world, as long as we remember our Truth is God’s Truth.  And this is all we need to stay safe in the world.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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