Laurie’s Positive Points: The miracle is now

The miracle is now. 

Just listen to the prompting in the world. 

We get to choose to be with the miracle instead of settling for the misery of the nightmare. 

We can bring Love wherever the world appears to be calling for Love. 

This is the amazement of the miracle. 

The miracle is when we see situations that appear to be terrifying or terrible and we show up anyway, with Love in tow. 

This then is the truest form of empowerment!  

We can know that when we see calls for Love in the world, it is an instantaneous communion with God because it looks harsh and difficult. 

God wants us to use the world to get to Him- thank goodness there are ample opportunities there!

We get to use all the situations- from which we want to run and hide- and instead of running away- petrified, we can sit and pause, and take a moment to understand that all of this terrible stuff is just God’s invitation to us to personally come and join Him at Heaven’s gate.  

The lack of love in the world is where we get to stop and make things different. 

Within the world’s agenda- we feel helpless- which is sometimes, or maybe most times.

God is here telling us that when we bring Love to the situation, then we not only find then the situation itself to be completely shifted, and dramatically better, but then we have changed our capacity for self-Love and self-respect. 

Because in bringing love to the situation, we have become more empowered within ourselves. 

That is the biggest miracle ever when we have tools like bringing love and forgiveness in the world, and they totally boost us up, and we are standing tall, and bringing what will shift the nightmare. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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