Laurie’s Positive Points: Do not rely on luck!

Laurie’s Positive Points:

Do not rely on luck!

 Often adults become pretty competent as people, so they rely on their abilities to get by, which is a shame.

Things can be much better when we rely on God; instead of using our little competence, we end up not doing as well as when we invite God to come with us.

Luck is handy, and many people function as adults purely on chance. And sometimes, it can feel like we can accomplish enough on our own, especially if things tend to be easy.

So know that luck alone is so limited. It is handy but not realistic when things approach us that are more difficult than luck may or may not be enough. We can not rely on luck consistently. Inconsistanacy comes from uncertainty.

Counting on it is not something that will ever come to join us—so instead of depending on our strength, choose God to walk with God. God is available whenever we ask for God to go with us, so remember to include God and ask Him to guide and support us along our paths.


 Luck is something we might be good at having as a person. We can experience total ease because things are easy for us sometimes, so we may not even want to check in with God and see how life is when we invite God to come with us.

God will allow us to get things done well because we have God’s help, So be sure to give God some pay attention. Do not forget to ask God to join our party.

With God’s assistance, everything will be much more fun and easy because God opens the way for us. Our egos forget to ask for God’s help, so we will not have the easiest time ever.

Even when we feel already lucky, no matter how much we feel fortunate, at some point, even if we are lucky, there will be times that we are out of luck, so I am grateful I learned to rely on God instead of luck because God is perfect.

And therefore, never make mistakes so we can trust that God will always be available to help us because God is supreme and never makes mistakes so we can trust that God will always be available to serve us when we remember that God is our Benefactor and will be with us at any time of the day.  

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Liceenced Acupuncture


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