Listen to music!!

Laurie’s Positive Points:

Listen to music!!

 Music is one of the best ways to enjoy life!! Fortunately, God gives us these God’s constructed bodies that can sing, dance, and enjoy music. Our bodies need to be something we celebrate, so we do so regularly.

We can listen to music regularly as a pickup thing we can do to celebrate life. So find some music that appeals to us.  

Be sure to listen to music when we feel blue because music is a beautiful habit that will likely encourage us and make us feel happier, so we may be able to shrug off our depression or upset.

So music is super when we need a pickup, so make sure we use it this way because it will get us into a better and more positive mood and make us smile.

The melodies of music can make our souls sing, so this is a reason for us to listen to music regularly. We can enjoy the physical sensation of listening to music because we may enjoy and get happy and inspired when we listen to music.

So because music is healthy and brightens our days, it is good for us to listen regularly to music.  

The rhythms of music also can lift us, so make sure we listen to music when we need support. The words of songs can also help us move in a better direction about how we feel in our days, so make sure we listen to music for this reason.

Feeling our inspiration is the thing that opens us up energetically to God’s Love and the flow of God’s essence and purpose.

Listening to music inspires us, and when we are encouraged, this is the state where we are as closest to God as we can be.

When we are inspired, we are open to everything happening, so we will have more emotional and physical grace throughout our days because we are connected to God the moment we feel inspired.

So this is the fundamental reason we listen to music because we are inspired regularly.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 



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