Grace while we walk

 Laurie’s Positive Points: Grace while we walk.  

Grace demonstrated as we move one of those things that all people value. Graceful walking is a sign of good and excellent health, appealing.

People love to see graceful walking because it signifies that we are healthy. People value and look up to people who walk gracefully in our culture.

It is appealing to most people, and we forget we can do this all the time.

 We want to do mindful walking because it demonstrates that we are fully immersed in the powerful Present when we are conscious and capable. 

When we do graceful walking, people line up to say how beautiful it is and appealing. 


Take some time to increase our awareness of how we walk. Try consciously to walk softly and with an easy motion.

Eventually, we will walk more gracefully naturally if we get into the habit of taking time and effort to learn to walk gracefully.

We want to make all efforts to instill that we walk softly naturally because this is how we can develop our graceful walking. We need to practice and do this regularly until it is how we walk.

This kind of graceful walking will lighten our minds because it is a sign of good health.

And when we walk gracefully, when we do things with our bodies, our minds also are affected.

Mind and body are one while we live, so use gentle, graceful walking to lighten our bodies that will also lighten our senses because they are intertwined.

Grace is that inner attitude that all is well and that our certainty is intact and palpable in our minds because we see it there.

Grace is also in our minds emotionally and spiritually, and we can accentuate our inner grace if we make an effort to do this.

Emotional grace is when we let everything be ok in the world and our lives. Grace in our minds allows us to live well and be happy because everything is easy for us when we embrace our grace. 

Inner grace will enable us to accept the world without judgment simply because we can and are happy to be grateful and take the world.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski 

 Licensed Acupuncture


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