Miracles Lesson 358

Miracles Lesson 358: “What am I?” “No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered. And of this, I can be sure: His answer is the only one I want.”

The Course says that we can access God through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is then our guide. He directs our path. We need to listen to Him. 

The Course says that the moment we ask the Holy Spirit for help, our problems, the Holy Spirit immediately resolves them.  

The Course’s wisdom feels so good to know that God is always available to direct us, and the moment we pray God, the moment He answers our prayers.

It feels so amazing that God solves our problems instantly. God hears us and offers suggestions and guidance.

Then we have the fantastic awareness that we have no issues because God immediately resolves all of our problems. Knowing God resolves our problems feels so good. 

We can sit back in our certainty and enjoy the ride of our lives instead of complaining and grieving about all we see.

The Course says that since God resolves the problem instantly, we need to worry about nothing because there is nothing about which to worry.

After all, God solves it. So that is super that we don’t have to stress about anything. God has the answer. We can rely on God.  

 The Course repeatedly reminds us we need to choose God instead of the egos’ plan, thinking, emotions or intentions. The ego is always dark and challenging and hard to deal with, so the Course says as much as this sucks that it is true, we need to remind ourselves that this is true.

We need to choose God. The ego is always available, but The Course asks us to be careful about our minds and energy; the ego is always about offering slim pickings.

The ego is about scarcity and lack, so we choose God instead, with Whom Love and abundance are always available.  

We have to be willing to take responsibility to choose. Watching our minds incessantly and tracking our thinking and then doing something to choose God, not the ego.   Learning to choose God consistently is something that takes time and focus.

We need to step up to the plate and be willing to make an effort to do this. We generally forget to do it or remind ourselves to do it. 

So the Course’s most important point we want to learn is to be willing to choose God and Light consistently, no matter what. We need to make an effort to do this, and this we can sometimes experience as problematic.

We need to remember how great things are when we choose God to have inner ammunition to be open and willing to choose God.

All Love,

Laurie Prebindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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