ACIM Lesson 215

Lesson 215: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”  

The Course reminds us how important it is that we do everything with God.  

The ego thinks that taking care of business in the world happens, and then at the end, when we get through our TO-DO List, then we can perhaps sit and think about God for a second.

The ego doesn’t want to disrupt the flow of the nonstop activity on which the ego thrives.

This is one alternative that we can choose for our style of living, but this always leaves us wanting.   This option, then, will feel grave and grim until we get to that end.  The ego likes to take this standard To-Do List time to worry and judge and breed stumbling blocks.

The Course teaches us our purpose is to do everything with God.  This is totally for our own benefit for the benefit of our lives.

When we do things with God then every last step we make is with sure footing of infinite love. 

When we include God then everything becomes an expression of His Love and kindness and forgiveness when we believe there is any moment of lack.  The Course invites us to give every moment to God.

When we bring love along for the ride, then everything becomes light and happy because we are not resistant to including God- Who is none other than Love. 

The Course says that our agenda must include God’s will.

When we remember it is our will too then we let love be the backbone upon which we do all the activities on our To-Do List.  

The Course gives us this perfect idea of and feeling of gratitude.

We bring gratitude with us to all we encounter then we feel like we have a pick-up in our step.

Gratitude is this warm, self-satisfied, content  feeling, while we relish in our awareness of how fortunate we are that we have all we have. 

When we sit in gratitude, we feel how stupendously fortunate we are.  We exude abundance energetically because we feel it when we engage with our inner gratitude for all we see.

This makes us a magnet for even more abundance.  

This is why gratitude matters.  It totally places us in a position where we are heading to gain more and more simply because we already have this inner knowing how much we already have.  We have the capacity to attract infinite loads of plenty when we just acknowledge that all we have is perfect already and as it is.

Then we attract this same energy to our energy field because we are vibrating this elevated mentality of gratitude. 

This is the way to transform our lives.  When we sit in the knowing we have all we need and all we ever wanted to have.

Our task is to just let gratitude be the fuel that propels us forward.

When we experience our own gratitude for what we see- even if the ego resists expressing this gratitude- from this practice we end up gaining incredible reserves of energy because we are keeping this fire of gratitude alive within us.  It creates our projected reality as one only in the perfect happy dream.  We then manifest these amazing gifts of God- like love and forgiveness- because we are aligned with God’s energy- as gratitude.

We want to feel gratitude for our own sakes specifically. 

Other people can also feel the wonder of receiving the gratitude energy we express.

However, what matters is that we feel the gratitude ourselves because this lifts our energy to resonate clearly with God.  This is the energetic way to join with God so we will be truly happy. 


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