2-13-15 Lesson 44 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lesson 44: “God is the light in which I see.”

When I think of light, I imagine a clarity and visual acuity because we can make sense of what we see if we are not perceiving everything with a veil of darkness.  We are invited in the Course to see God’s perfect solution to the darkness and mountain of opaque density within the ego’s sight.  When we live in darkness we simply have no capacity to make out the images.

Everything is instead a blur of motion and stillness that have no discernible forms.  When we sit in the darkness of the ego’s persuasion, then we can’t understand anything, and ask God for Godly vision.  Therefore, we end up getting totally stuck in our tracks.  We can’t move forward or move back or progress in any direction because we are stuck somewhere along the way.

What we are asked to do is “bring the darkness to the light” the Course says.  We are asked to know with certainty that we will always be answered surely when we simply take ourselves to the light of God and see within God’s vision and purpose.  When we do this, we are guaranteed that we will be brought to peace and forgiveness for any illusion of separation we feel from God and each other.  This usually manifests in internal areas of darkness or blocks to love’s presence.

I think both of “light” being the opposite of “dark” and  also of “light” being the opposite of “dense.”  We are invited to live in the world with levity.  Our fundamental problem is that we separated from God and we forgot to laugh about it.  The laughing about it helps us to put into perspective this truth that separation from God could never happen in the first place.  This is because we are destined to be God’s mighty companions who share the same heart with God.

When we laugh about something, we realize how preposterous separating from God is and the preposterousness of the reality of the illusion where we live in the body and live in the world.  When we let ourselves laugh about these things, nothing has the power to make us suffer because we are letting this upset roll right off of us.  Nothing can penetrate our hearts when we treat something lightly because we understand it is utter untruth.

When we giggle about things, we allow ourselves to be in the lightest, brightest mindset and energy that nothing gets us down. Therefore, nothing has power over us if we see we can laugh about it.  We stop carrying our load.  We stop even acknowledging that we have ever believed we carried a heavy load.  We give it all to the altar of God, we surrender it with a light heart because we have only a light heart about everything.  The lightness is our sense of liberation that we are in fact totally freed from our sense of burden.


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