2-12-15 Lesson 43 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lesson 43: “God is my Source.  I cannot see apart from Him.”

We are asked to totally live from faith and know that we have no true seeing apart from God.  This is for sure a shock to our egos because they have fantasies of illusions every waking moment.  Our egos are often just whispering to us at a quickened pace trying to slip some bit of this false reality past our true awareness.  Ego thinks  it can trick us and still go unnoticed because it is a master at deception.  We can forgive it and we need to let it go from the role of making our realty.  When the ego is trying to make the world and our bodies it simply tries to fool us to not  speaking up for God’s view and allow God’s vision to be the only show of what our reality is.

We must know that we see nothing at all when we are not seeing with God.  The ego is quick to assert some bit of reality and simply try to make it as real as it can.  We have to know that everything is false aside from God.  Therefore, let’s not lose sight of this and settle for the ego’s sorry song.  It always leaves us wanting.

It isn’t a sacrifice to see only from God’s perspective.  The ego is quick to argue over its investment in the world and what is not naturally God.  It can seem like an enormous request to ask us to simply sit back and let God be the sole driver.  Our egos definitely get frightened of this reality aside from its own identification and investment with pain.  The ego wants to keep its life in tact so it kicks and screams about not giving up all of its cherished “goods” (which are all positive things and any attachment to suffering).

We just need to know that we can live in the world with the love of God.  We can live there with the insistence that we see only God’s vision.  We can insist to ourselves that we remain vigilant in our days to make sure we see all the worldly goods and our bodies purely from the place of love and forgiveness.  We allow love to be the glue that holds all of our experiences together and we allow God’s love to be the catalyst that undoes the attachment to the world.

We can feel afraid we can’t navigate the world if we aren’t provided with the ego’s vehicles.  But the Course is reminding us, if we don’t know how to do that, we can ask the Holy Spirit and accept His guidance and how to be in the world excluding any suffering


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