ACIM Lesson 245

Lesson 245: “What is the world?”  “Your peace is with me, Father.  I am safe.”

The “What is the world?” section says, “The world will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished.” 

The Course says that we create the world from the ego’s perspective and it is false.

God, on the other hand, is totally true and God creates from His own energy.  Therefore, we are also of God energy because we are children of God made from His ilk.  The Course says that whatever is created comes from the exact same thing from which it was made.

Logic follows that no one can originate something different or new out of something that comes from the old energy or pattern. 

This is why it never works to change the world with the ego’s energy or change ourselves with the ego ’s energy.  It just ends up being the exact same thing because it is the natural course of action in this Universe to build strictly out of what we already have.

The Course reminds us that we never succeed withdrawing from ego-land using ego tactics.  The ego just creates itself. 

This is why we must, must must turn to God implicitly to get a new potion, or a new creation. 

God is the only means to get to something new while we are currently living in our egos.  It makes a lot of sense when we sit and think about it.

It just takes time and practice to remember to notice this and make sure our egos are not silently running the ship.

Our purpose is that we want to get to God because the ego isn’t working and it may occur to us that the ego never has.

We just may not know how to get to God.  

Thank goodness the Course reminds us the quickest and easiest way to God is to ask the Holy Spirit in a prayerful intention to intercede.

This always works if we can find the willingness to do it.

We are discovering we really do cherish the ego’s agenda.  This may even be painful, and often incredibly painful.  We just don’t realize how bent and skewed is the ego’s methodology when it comes to making our realities.

The ego does nothing but muddle our minds and bewilder us, giving us mortally bad choices and wishes. 

The ego keeps pushing us until we break, and fall apart.  And the ego stops at nothing to keep our state of minds constantly tormented.

But we let the ego do this because we cherish the ego.

We give the ego all kinds of license to make a reality for us that makes us profoundly miserable. 

We sidestep from God’s plan because we think the ego is going to do a better job.  This is crazy because it never works.

We do it because we have this insane wish for suffering and because we don’t know the difference between pleasure and pain.

This confusion is the fundamental selling point the ego has. 

Because we don’t really know, the ego thinks it can skate right by our awareness and get away with murderous thoughts because the ego thinks we actually won’t notice.  Just realize that this confusion about what is pleasure and pain is such a fundamental part of why we let ourselves be miserable and allow the ego to have free rein.

Fortunately, God loves us and knows we do this.  Let’s remember that we have this confusion and have a clear forgiveness about it.  But also be willing to bring it back to our attention when the we let the ego run away with our minds.

Forgive that we don’t know any better.  And also stand up and see this when it happens. 

Our purpose is to get to God.

Just remember to raise this awareness within, as much as possible,  to get it to a level of saturation in our consciousness where we don’t forget our serious dilemma as it truly is.   See additionally, how we can give it to God for healing.


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