Lesson 131 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lesson 131: “No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.”

We are given the keys to the kingdom.  I think many of us either for a great portion of our lives or at least for some portion of our lives may have been acting as great complainers.  The ego loves to chew on the story and make judgements galore.  The ego likes to make everything a problem.  Complaining is a very harsh energy and I think very much contributes to our sense of little or no peace within.  When we complain we are identifying completely as a victim because our egos just like to do this dance in our minds.  The ego likes to feel abused and tormented and act like every terrible thing has occurred and that we are currently feeling the deep and terrible pain as a result of the reason for our complaints.

What the Course wants us to learn is to see that there is no need for the complaint.  Complaining just perpetuates the energy of suffering because we make like we got the raw deal.  When we keep complaining, this prevents us from rising above it.  I think of complaining as the battlefield and Jesus asks us in the Course to rise above this battlefield.  We want to be able to believe that the complaint has no reality.  That’s the reason we want to keep ourselves from going on and on about the area of pain.  Complaints leave us totally bound up because our egos get so invested in the victim role.  This is why we need to see that this is just a way to keep us from our own sense of inner peace.

The ego is addicted to suffering- this is why this over identification as a victim is something the ego likes to keep making without a breath or stopping for anything.  The ego likes for itself to be heard and when it sees itself as a victim, the story continues on ad nauseam.

Jesus teaches us in the Course to notice when we want to complain.  Often there will be a wealth of information here about something that we might want to change.  But take this information in the form of an evaluation.  Don’t judge it as good or bad.  Pay attention if you feel called to directly respond in a way that alters the situation as you see it.  And we can notice when our victim feelings come up.

But don’t stop and just hang out with them.  Hear them with forgiveness and compassion and a firm boundary.  Wish them back to the Universe and give them for God’s keeping.  We just need to know this is a habit, this perception of our victimhood is something that can and will change dramatically when we simply keep letting that old suffering go.


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