Lesson 130 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lesson 130: “It is impossible to see two worlds.”

Jesus is giving us the ultimate wonder card of our board game.  We have this set up so there is absolutely no way we can fail.  We discover through this instruction that we are all with the winning hand.  There is only one hand to have.  God doesn’t want us to have a moment of concern so God makes our existence especially simple.  There are two worlds and so one decision to make because we don’t have to fret about how to find the end of a  maze.  It’s already perfectly spelled out for us.  It is more than the simplest possible that it can be.

Jesus tells us that there are only two worlds so we can simply make the one choice to be with God.  We don’t have to wonder how to master the plan.  It is already done.  Jesus says there is only one thing we ever have to consider, and that is- do we want God’s world or do we want to side with the ego that always imprisons us?  We simply need to pick one or the other.

This in itself is as simple as we could make it.  We have our answer in that idea.  Then Jesus teaches us that we can’t simply straddle the fence between the ego and God’s world.  Our ego likes to preach for this predicament.  The ego says- we are fine and fortunate to choose both the ego’s world and God’s world.  Then we can maintain our ego’s existence.

But what Jesus wants us to know is that we must make a firm commitment to the choosing of one world and one life.  The ego likes to think if we decide to choose both, then it simply redirects the necessity of making the decision to undo the ego.  The ego thinks it can just fool us into believing we can get by without choosing.  This is a tactic to keep our egos preoccupied and in some position of power.

What we need go do is be willing to take responsibility for choosing.  Our ego wants us to get lost in some attempt at maintaining both, but this never works.  We have to be willing to choose the ego or God.  Both is never an option.  This is ever fortunate for us because God so loves us he wants us to come home to our ATONEMENT with God.

When we are willing to understand there is only one choice to make then we can sit back and enjoy being joined with God.  We simply need to make effort to be clear that we can’t be falsely led to believe that two worlds can be our existence simultaneously.  When we stop trying to be in both worlds, our sense of inner conflict disappears because inherently we come to clarity that only one choice is available.  We don’t try to function separately in both.  We come to our whole mind in peace because we are content with an existence in one energy.


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