2-7-15 Lesson 38 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lesson 38: “There is nothing my holiness can’t do.”

I appreciate this lesson’s use of the word, “dominion.”  It says, “The purpose of today’s exercises is to begin to instill in you a sense that you have dominion over all things because of what you are.” “Dominion” makes me think of having power over someone or something.  The ego’s use of the concept of having power over something includes an idea of separation from that thing.  It is a subtle attack, because it is some form of using means to keep something in line.  My ego says if I have dominion over something only I am the ruler of how that results.  This then leads us to one-up over what we see.

I believe the Course is telling us that our “dominion” over things is actually a great joining, not a rejection of what we see.  Sometimes we may change the direction something is going, because it may not be aligned with God’s purpose.  Therefore, we may need to straighten it out and create an alignment with it energetically.  This is then having dominion over it.

But what we are focusing on here is our worth as a child of God and inheritance of all good.  This is the rightful place of our hearts to be in accordance with God’s love and energy while we also get to be in our own right mind.  Also, we are asserting our destiny as the receiver of all good things because our holiness is the natural result of our identity with God.

We have to just hold a fine line with the concepts that we do have power over everything, but this is not an underlying attack and attempt at taking control over something.  On the one hand, we aren’t trying to lord over everything and shape them to the ego’s desire.  At the same time, we are simply asserting our holiness and thus our right to perfect present.  Thus, we can simply hold simultaneously that we are able to correct mistakes in the world which God is eagerly showing us happened by mistake.  Then we can create our happy dream because we are gifted with the underlying power of God’s that is beyond scope.

We don’t have to shy away from the world and act like we can’t change anything.  The ego sets us up for some pretty far off fantasies of our own weakness.  We often believe the lies of our smallness because it is familiar.  This lesson asks us to step up to our truth.  And our power is in our own conviction.  When we let this truth ring true for us than we can move mountains because this is actually a simple miracle.  There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  This lesson asks us to learn to embody these feelings of certainty because it is true.


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