2-8-15 Lesson 39 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lesson 39: “My holiness is my salvation.”

We must remember that our holiness is a necessary quality we incorporate.  We are innocent and never fell from God’s grace.  Because we are completely and totally worthy we do not have to worry that we will not match up to everyone else or match up to the ideal we would like to be as a person of God’s ilk.  The only thing we need to keep within our consciousness is the inherent goodness of ourselves.

The world is always telling us this is wholly untrue and that we are always the product of sin and degradation.  We are told that no one measures up and we are categorized wholly within the band of misfits.  The world says nothing can save us.  Nothing can reinstate us as on the innocent path.

No matter how strong the messages coming from without and within, we are learning in the Course that this is all falsehood.  It is nothing but a lot of malarky.  All we have to do is realize that our holiness is the one quality about us that will never change or in any way become altered as we live through our days.  It is our deepest truth so we can say it, feel it, know it, let it become the foundation upon which we base our perception.

We need to keep practicing the lesson in evaluating ourselves with compassion and forgiveness.  When we just see with a gentle noticing of what seem like our flaws, then we can stay out of the darkness of judgement.  When we forgive and then see this information as not true, we can manage and deal with what we need to do to make change in our lives.  But then in no way do we get bogged down with the weight of judgement because we conclude that it is unreal.

And we just have to get comfortable with the fact that our holiness, ours and God’s own essence is the basis for our salvation.  We never have to look elsewhere for this gift because it is within our hearts and souls.  God’s way to get home, where we fully identify with Him is the way out of whatever world of hell we see.


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