ACIM Lesson 49

Lesson 49: “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”

I think  all people feel lonely.

I think it is the nature of the human condition that we all feel lonely.

Even when we are in successful and happy relationships, we still have that tendency to get into a lonesome state. 

It is the existential human problem.

When we feel that way, we also sink into some feelings of lack. 

When we feel lonely it often feels like we are missing something, like we are missing a certain kind or amount of love or connection.  This lack is definitely the way of the ego.

The Course reminds us that this old human tendency to get into loneliness is simply a mistake. 

We have God within us all the time. 

There is never a moment we are not full because we have God with us.  We feel totally taken care of and given the gifts of the kingdom in terms of our sense of communion.  God by nature is about communion.

All of the ways, in the Course’s teaching, that we find God to be in our lives, explain that we go together with our brothers and sisters to the kingdom.

We do everything in an energetic way that is an opening to share union with others and also with God. 

This energetic preparation allows us to be in a state of connection with God because it is our birthright and privilege from God specifically.  We learn that the feeling of connection with God is part of a whole.  We have connections with our brothers and sisters.

This allows us to be rooted emotionally with them and God because when we all share a like energy, then we all have the benefit of feeling good and cared for.  

We can just undo our old feelings of being lonely.

Because we have the energy and Love from God, then there is always a feeling for us that we have all we need and don’t need to rely on anything other than God’s Love for our perfect sense of union.

We can appreciate that we don’t have to feel lonely because we have the energy of God literally within us that we can just call upon and notice.

Then, the energy within us gets activated because we simply think about it. 

This is the way to end those long, destabilizing periods when we get frustrated and sad that we feel lonely.

Even when we are alone physically, it turns out all we need to do to get to a God energy is simply think about our connection with God.

The feeling that there is something wrong when we are alone is a trap for us.

When we look alone we often start to dwell in that sense of lacking within instead of being buoyed up by God’s Love.  This is a problem that happens while we live.  But we are reminded that God is always with us.

This is why all we need to do is think about God’s Presence and then that old sense of loneliness disappears.

We forget about that sadness that grips us.  We just let the Presence of God be powerful enough to fill our minds and hearts.

It is enough; we just need to allow it to be so.

Just remember that the feeling of Love is all we need to totally erase those old ideas that we are lacking anything.

When we feel and allow God’s Love to totally reverberate within us, we let our hearts be filled to the tip top.

Then, we have all the support we want because we have a Love that completes us on the deepest level.


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