ACIM Lesson 242

Lesson 242: “What is the world”?  “This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.”

This is such a sweet message.  The idea that God would be so thrilled to have us back to being united with Him is such a sweet reality we can offer to ourselves and to God.

God wants to have us back to that place where we realize the truth is that we never left.  And this means that God loves us so much because God planned everything this way.

God loves us so much and is so delighted to share His abundance and eternal and infinite love.  

God wants to give us all the greatest things because God wants it that way.  That means God is giving us kudos galore because God wants us to be happy and to realize we never left our home in God’s Mind.

We just need to get it through that ego thick head that God loves us infinitely because God wants it that way. 

That means there is no arguing with God because God is perfect and knows all.    

We often have a long history of making God the bad guy. 

We make God to be our enemy and we project the ego’s image onto our concept of God, which is surely false. 

This happens because the ego is confused and so behaves in confusing ways.

This is why we forget that God is the one we really are happy to be with. 

We assume that God is like the ego, of whom we are terribly afraid.

God loves us so much.  We just get so confused about this because the ego gives us that sad song about filling in for God with the ego’s story.  That always makes us miserable because it is false.

The Course reminds us and clarifies for us the fact that giving our days to God is the best gift for God. 

This is impossible to fathom for the ego because the ego thinks in scarcity terms and is confusing and is full of fear. 

We just need to appreciate the true nature of God and trust God to be Himself whenever we exist and deal with Him, which is always.  

Because we can trust God, we can believe God is totally thrilled about having our company. 

God respects us in the deepest way. 

God respects us because God loves us in every infinite possible way.  This means that God wants to have our company so much because He loves us so much.  Our union simply feels to God natural and easy because we are of the same energy.

God absolutely loves us and wants to share our days with us, but this is also our gift to God.

Because God is so crazy about us, it would bum Him out not to get to be with us regularly. 

This is such a huge deal to realize how much God loves us. 

This love from God is immeasurable because it is so vast.

We just need time to get used to how much God loves us.


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