ACIM Lesson 243

Lesson 243: “What is the world?”  “Today I will judge nothing that occurs.”  

Just imagine a day with no opinion.

 The ego would at last be quiet.

We want to have a peaceful, happy and light mind, and when we fill it up with judgement, immediately our minds turn dense, dark and constricted. 

We block that inner flow to God when we allow the ego to take root in our mentality.  The Course gives us a very clear instruction on how to approach the world with no judgement.

We look what we see neutrally.  We evaluate all that is before us.  

When we evaluate what we see, then, we have some sort of opinion, but it is an opinion without the bite of judgement. 

This is the ideal we are always striving for.

It allows us to be most proactive in our lives and behavior and allows us to be truly happy and feel the love of God, because we are in no way standing in the way of the flow of love.

 We evaluate to be able to get information about what is going on.

We are all humans and needing to gather information is part of the human life we live. 

We must interact with each other and the world because this is part of what keeps us alive.

The Course reminds us to just very gently surrender that judgement we feel when the ego comes in full force. 

We are asked to return any amount of attack energy in the form of judgement that comes through us.  The ego is a master at perpetuating attack energy. 

We just need to be prepared for this, and remember when we notice it to give it right to God’s altar for transformation into something totally light instead.

There is nothing wrong with evaluating or even having an opinion about what we prefer. 

We can do that without judgement.

We are asked to continue to practice this as we grow as people because we will get better at it with practice. 

Just appreciate that attack energy in no way serves us.

Truly it causes us deep suffering.

Thus, let this be the number one reason we let it go- because it is the root of our most serious suffering. 

That is the best motivator actually because no one wants to suffer when we get down to it really.

We just need to get honest.


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