ACIM Lesson 244

Lesson 244: “What is the world?”  “I am in danger nowhere in the world.”

Our safety lies in our certainty and our comfort lies in the level of trust in God to do the right thing for us. 

We are always bombarded with all kinds of attack energy and intention from the world.  People are always making everything a problem.

The world feels like a scary place because attack does sometimes come from everywhere and it generally at least threatens to come from everywhere. 

Thus, we feel anxious all the time if not somewhere into downright panic.  

We can get crazy over the amount of stress the ego feels feeling frightened about the world.  Talk about misery!!

Jesus, in the Course, gives very clear message.

We have our certainty from God and this is what makes us feel good moment to moment. 

Our certainty is the feeling that we are loved by God permanently regardless of the conditions and that we are lovable.  

When we feel lovable, then we feel at peace with everything because our energetic cup within is full.

  That is why our certainty is what absolutely works to get us to be able to approach what happens in the world with a feeling that all is well within the situation, because we are well within ourselves. 

When we feel our certainty, then, our fear vanishes because we are sure God loves us and sure that we have all we need because God has given us all we need. 

This means we can have a light heart amidst the drama of the world, and just float above the battleground because we see it is all not real. 

That means no part of us suffers when we feel so good.

The Course reminds us too to also remember that God’s plan is exactly what we want to have for ourselves regardless of what happens.  

We are growing our faith about the greatness of  God’s Will being carried out all the time.

The Course says God is perfect, and therefore, what He carries out is also perfect; there is no exception. 

God has a perfect plan and God is always executing that plan without fail because God is God. 

We just need to appreciate that this is true and let it be true.  We often have huge ego resistance to accepting that God’s will is perfect.  The ego judges God’s plan out of control, so we resist it as a result, and fail to continue to build that trust of God.

We just need to continue to tell ourselves that our faith that God’s plan is right is what allows us to be happy and peaceful and functional, and this is why it is worth building.


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