ACIM Lesson 40

Lesson 40: “I am blessed as a Son of God.”

We are gifted with this extraordinary life of everything good. 

We are asked to not settle for anything less than the exceptional abundance of the world’s favor and of course the certainty of God, our salvation, and the fact that we are eternally lovable. 

We are asked to claim it all, to let ourselves really take it in on every level. 

We just need to  get used to being bigger and getting bigger. 

The only true problem we have is that the ego always thinks small, we accept and consider this normal for us, these minute portions of whatever aspect of God’s abundance we are talking about.  The ego does the same with everything.

The ego has gotten so used to being small that it is hard for us to even realize that we are accepting this small portion when we could be living large and feeling completely saturated with the love of God, which then extends out into form as abundance as well. 

Thus, we can expect everything to get better and become more healed and whole and healthy. 

We can be the one who claims a life of miracles, one after one after one, in infinite supply. 

We can let God be the source who sets the limit for things because God has no limit.

We are simply in the position of needing to allow ourselves to change the picture we live, to the best happy dream we can live, and have the million dollars in the bank if that is good for us, and have the relationships and jobs that feed us on such deep levels that we are speechless because we are so happy. 

We have God standing there, taking care of us in every aspect.

We have God’s perfect love unconditionally only and this makes everything easy, fun, and light.

Our lives are full of grace and purpose because we have God there with us as our number one confidant and ally.

We just need to stop this old habit of allowing ourselves to accept small with no complaint.

We want to rejoice because we have the unlimited love and blessing of God which makes us perfectly content. 

This is the best and only medicine we can ever need.  We have the good stuff, we just need to accept it and let it in.

The ego loves to push us into being a certain way and forces us to stay in the groove of limitation.  

Our most important task is just to see this for what it is and stop it immediately because it is false.


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