ACIM Lesson 47

Lesson 47: “God is the strength in which I trust.”

We are given the gift of our certainty which relies on the power of God. 

This is all we need to make our moment to moment existence incredible and extraordinary and out of this world.

We are always given God’s love and favor in the form of our salvation and the salvation of the world, in knowing that we are all equally lovable and all given our due favor because God so wills it. 

We are given the gift of a certainty that is based on this knowing.  Because God is perfect, we can count on his love and favor to be unconditional and consistent because God is perfect.  

Thus, when we base our certainty on God’s love, then we automatically have something always sturdy and sustainable.

There will never be anything that can have any negative impact on us in the world because we are guaranteed God’s love and support. 

We can trust that we don’t need to do any kind of worrying about the ego’s world, because we always have God  on our sides completely, as does everyone else.

God is always equally generous with everyone because God wants and wills it this way. 

That means that we can trust God’s love to always be there for us and support us in the challenges we encounter in the world.

 We can always trust that we have the strength to come face to face with anything that we feel frightened about because God swears to be completely responsible, and capable of taking care of all of our needs. 

We are just getting used to the fact that God feels this way about us.  Our relationship with God is one that is totally healed. 

Lots of religions, and worldly views of God automatically make us jump to the conclusion about God that God is our number one enemy.  

This is a hugely stressful thing for all of us humans, because we have the added stress of feeling that on top of everything else that happens in the world, that then we have to exponentially add on our fear of God. 

This is over the top!!  The Course teaches us to simply gain a new perspective of God.

We can sit and just get happy and feel light and easy that God is our number one confidant and friend. 

Also, we can rely on God implicitly to do what He Wills because this is the nature of the Course’s version of God.


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