ACIM Lesson 18

Lesson 18: “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.”

This lesson says, “It also emphasizes that minds are joined, which will be given increasing stress later on.” 

The Course reminds us that we are all united with our brothers and sisters. 

We learn that all people are within a united energy field that includes God and all of the people with whom we share the planet.

This Universal energy is something that we can actually communicate through in order to reach other people.  

We have bodies that are individual and that always makes us seem separate.  

This body separateness gives us the illusion that we have no effect on each other unless we do something specifically to someone’s body. 

This it turns out is totally a false way of perceiving what we can do within our human system. 

God created the Universe also, and always within God’s own laws, and this is why we may have a hiccup in the moment when it seems like we are dealing with the world and our bodies.

But the truth is that all of God’s laws are in order in the world, because God is always everywhere and within everything, because this is the nature of God.

We must realize that God’s laws are always functioning and so we need to adjust our perception and the information we are gathering; we must remember that God is within it all.

We are given the gift of being energetic beings and this means that we are all within the same energy field that also contains God.

This means we can count on God to be there with us because God never falters from applying His laws. 

They are always intact and therefore, we can count on them.

We are given the gift of being able to communicate with all others simply within our thinking and intention. 

This thinking and intending creates a certain aligned -with-God- vibration, if we allow it to be. 

All we need to do is think whatever we are going to think and know that our thought is communicated to all others in the Universe simply because this is the nature of God’s Universe. 

Energy gets shared and felt among all the people on earth, and all the things on the planet that vibrate in energy, which includes everything.

All beings that are live or dead still all contain their own energetic vibration as we all do. 

So we all feel each other in this way, whether or not we ever share a word or any other physical sharing of information. 

We all feel everyone and we all are effected by all. 

We feel what all the other people are doing, because we all share the same quality of being part of the Universe’s energetic field.


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