ACIM Lesson 17

Lesson 17: “I see no neutral things.”

The purpose of the Course is to get us to that place where we recognize that we see no neutral things.  

We have our thoughts which are never neutral since the ego forces us to make everything with its own meaning. 

We never get God’s version of things when we allow the ego to rule our minds and this causes us great strife. 

We must appreciate the fact that our thoughts are never neutral, and this, then, affects everything.

Then, we people the world with our enemies, and we make enemies with all the things we see, because the ego casts them in judgement, and makes them always the combatants in our personal war.  

We are always with the ego’s inner hatred- that gets projected onto the world, and onto ourselves, and to all the people out there, because this is how the ego sees everything. 

We just need to realize that the ego always is trying to demand that we do things in the ego-manner.

When we recognize that our perception of everything is not neutral, this is just the stepping stone we need to get to the place where we can change our thinking about everything, since it is neither sane, nor with a stable reality, because it is based on the ego.

We just want to use this information to help us see what we are doing, so then we can take the step of being proactive and choose again.

We can see things differently if we just give some space in our minds where we are willing to be wrong.

We just need to be willing to listen to God’s version of things, and then, we can get the ego to gently step back and relinquish its hold on our minds.

We are given the option of choosing again, and this is the foundation of makes us powerful.

The Course is just giving us a way to use this option of choosing again to get us to a place where we are in fact truly happy, because we are choosing the peace of God as our foundation, and being clear that we want and deserve more for ourselves. 

Therefore, we are willing to use all the helpful tools God has given us to get right home to the Gates of Heaven where God is awaiting us patiently and lovingly.


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