2-23-15 Lesson 54 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lesson 54: “I have no neutral thoughts.” “I see no neutral things.”  “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.” “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.” “I am determined to see.”

We have such power.  We are the deciders of what we see.  Nothing we see with the ego is neutral.  Nothing is judgement free.  The ego simply doesn’t do things that way.  The reason we see nothing neutral is because our mind is not neutral.  This dramatically impacts our mentality.  This is a sure and constant connection between our minds and what is reflected in the world.  Our job is to see it and own it for what it is.  We make up reality.  We have to not pretend we have no power in this situation.  The ego likes to play the victim and claim impotence.  The ego likes to whine and make the other guy the enemy.
The Course simply wants us to get this.  See that the ego does this.  The ego likes to have tantrums.  The enlightened thing to do about this is not to have another tantrum, to perpetuate the attack cycle.  We are asked to just gently and firmly tell the ego to step away.  Also, we are asked to set clear boundary that the ego can’t play its mind games, coaxing us into believing we don’t have a choice in what we think or what we see.  Let’s have compassion for ourselves and stop creating a problem that seems unsolvable.

What we need to do is realize all of that mental taxing as criticism- in the form of judgement- we just need to be willing to set down.  We have to be willing to allow our hearts to be fresh and unspoiled by the ego’s commitment to what is unloving in our minds.  We have to see it for what it is and then release it back to the ether.  We have to know the ego’s version of perception- all that game of blame- was never meant to exist.

We also need to take responsibility for the part we play in the whole picture.  Often people can feel isolated.  The ego leaves us with the feeling that we are our own island and when we sit alone in a room, no one sees us.  When we get in that mind space where we feel so isolated, we can be convinced there is no such thing as connection with others in the Universe.  We can believe no one feels anything when we have our hearts all up in a rage.  The world says that only the physical is real, so if I can’t see feelings, they aren’t there.

The Course teaches us that energetically we are all connected.  We learn that everyone can feel the Universe’s energy and that’s what the Course calls God.  We can stop suffering over being isolated because we discover that we are all magically and lovingly linked to our brothers and sisters and God.  We can celebrate this.  And we need to take responsibility for it.


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