1-24-15 Lesson 24 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lesson 24:  “I do not perceive my own best interests.”

We have to let go of the ego’s false confidence.  The ego makes us think it has each little thing figured out.  This is very distressing.  There is nothing accurate about this.  The ego is just a great fibber.  We just get lost in the assortment of nonsense that the ego is feeding us.  We just believe it because the ego tells us it has all problems in some state of stasis.  If we thought the ego wasn’t going to be able to convince us it is going to make everything all right, we would be filled with fear.  We would be afraid because we would not hear the assurances that the ego will make and in the end, realize it knows nothing.  It’s just a good game player.  It just has false promises.  This confusing at best.  The ego is always feeding us contrary information that leads us to inner doubt.  We need to make sure we are not relying on the ego’s opinions about anything or what direction to go.

We need to give up the ego’s arrogance that tells us it knows what is best for us.  The ego spends great energy making this seem like a reasonable assumption but the truth is, it’s just rubbish.  This statement is not based in truth.  We need to be aware this is what the ego does and often speaks loudest so its hard to hear God above the din of the ego.  We are asked to listen intently and listen for the certainty of God’s voice.  Allow that to be our guide.

The great news is that we can stop this farce of seeming that we know what step to take next.  Realize the ego’s confidence is based on nothing of validity.  It has no power behind it.  Don’t listen to the ego.  And instead know with certainty that the Holy Spirit does know exactly what is best for us.  All the pressure is off of us because we don’t have to keep some ship a float.  We don’t have to be the ones who make sense of “what next?”  God has everything figured out.  We just have to be a  willing participant.  We can get our own agenda out of the alternatives in how to move forward.


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