ACIM Lesson 96

Lesson 96: “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

This lesson says, “Thus is salvation kept among the thoughts your Self holds dear and cherishes for you.” 

Our salvation comes strictly from the knowing that there is nothing wrong with us and realizing we are totally lovable. 

Our salvation is a simple call to our highest sanity where we simply are willing to see things with a new and clear lens, a vision of God’s perfect purity and Purpose.

Our salvation is simple and easy.  The problem is that in the ego’s reality we are always fighting with what our salvation is because it seems so foreign.

Even though it is totally benign and actually totally happy-making, we can’t see it for what it is.

The ego is that crazy voice we listen to that often gives us a truth that is undeniably false, therefore, confusing. 

The ego gives us the illusion we have no desire to reconcile with God’s Will and Purpose. 

The ego just makes us cringe and shudder in dismay because this is what the ego does.  Just a crazy blustering which has no truth when we are willing to see it.

The ego always gives us the wrong interpretation and this makes us feel frantic and futile, because the ego pounces out to attack first and ask questions later. 

The ego never stops to get the real scoop.

We get that same, sorry old song to which we are painfully exhausted of listening. 

No matter how many ways the ego tries to mislead us, the reality always bounces back to God’s vision and His interpretation that stands up within the raging storms of our minds.  

The ego is always attacking everything because this is how the ego wants to do its thing.

Even though our salvation is simple to understand and to get, the ego still resists it with passion.

Our egos thrive on discord, and use our inner worlds as a way to pout, and try to justify credence to the ego’s existence. 

The ego is the sole cause of all kinds of waves of suffering we feel.

The ego makes those waves within that makes us resort to the attack possibility throughout the process of getting clear.

It is fine if we are temporarily the insane ones in the picture.

Give ourselves permission to be wrong or off center when it happens. 

The important thing is that we have zero reason to feel guilty for this.  We are sinless in God’s eyes. 

And the Course makes the point here that that Godly part of us understood as the Self- with the capital S- is that part of us that God guarantees for us- that claim for our salvation because we are God’s children. 

God gives us this gift of salvation while God totally takes care of our salvation.

He holds it in high esteem in the act of cherishing it, simply because God wants us to know that there is never a reason to feel guilty for those moments when we  forget to jump up and say, “YEE HAW!!  I got all the good stuff.”

God always has our backs.  We just need to realize this and be jubilant about it.


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